Friday, March 13, 2015


Do you love making money? Or are you looking for a perfect business that will surely help you to achieve your dreams for yourself or for your family?

If your answer is YES. . .then let ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, or simply AIM GLOBAL to become a part of your greatest SUCCESS.

Probably, you will be asking yourself now on how will you become a business partner of AIM GLOBAL, well it's very simple but let me give you first an overview on how will you earn while doing the business.

1. Direct Selling/Retailing

In Direct Selling/Retailing, you can enjoy up to 50% of all AIM GLOBAL products. And once you will sell it to your family or friends you can give them the SRP (Suggested Retail Price) and enjoy the cold cash revenue straight from your buyer. And if you hate recruiting people, then you can have this Retailing as your choice.

2. Direct Sponsoring

With the Direct Sponsoring system of AIM, you can earn $11.00 per person that you can recruit or join and it's per head. If you can recruit 10 people, your registration will automatically covered by the income that you gain in finding sponsors. And this is good for those people who love to talk and love sales and marketing works.

This Match Sales Bonus is one of the most favorite system of all the AIM GLOBAL members because if you can recruit 2 people (1 from the left and 1 from the right) then automatically you will gain 2,400 points (1,200 points (left ) and 1, 200 points (right) and that points will cost $33.00 (Php. 1,500.00). Just imagine if you recruit 10 people and you put the 5 heads in the left and 5 heads in the right, multiply $33.00 to 5 (33*5 = $165.00), imagine that great amount of money!
Note: There's no need for you to recruit 10 people, it's not compulsory.  1 or 2 head/s are still good and we will work on that :)

Now, as what I've write earlier regarding on those people who hate recruiting, well problem no more because AIM GLOBAL has this cool system where you can earn while buying the products. Yes! you read it right! Upon purchasing or buying the products, there will be a corresponding points that will directly goes into your account, and even if you don't have people (in both right and left) there's still a chance for you to gain the 1,200 points and if you paired that then automatically you will have $33.00!. But of course, if you have more people just below you, there will be a bigger chance for you to easily gain that points. And if it will be accumulated more blessings that will surely goes into your pocket :) How cool is that?

And now we are here in the stair-step bonus where everyone will have a chance to become a global ambassador and that ranking will be base on the points that you will accumulate from your down-line. And if there are already people who reaches that global ambassador, for sure you can also achieve that because in AIM GLOBAL, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE as long as you have DREAM and DETERMINATION.

In becoming a GLOBAL AMBASSADOR is like having a famous franchising business in the world where you have a certain percent from all of your franchise stores. And in AIM GLOBAL, we are promoting good camaraderie and of course, generosity to all of the members who work hard. We are all families in here, every member has a big heart whom are willing to help and to uplift everyone's dream and ambition, that's why I really wanted to become a part of this big family because at the end, there always a certain friends that I know who will genuinely be happy on the things that I achieved.

And if you want also to become a part of this family and wanted to become a business partner, then all you have to do is to comment or asks in here, using the comment box. Email me at Message me on facebook: orlan.tabuada.jr Or simply contact me using this mobile number: +63-9056165527 and once I've got your message, I'll be contacting you personally for further details.

Thank you and Hopefully, you will give Alliance in Motion Global a chance to open a great opportunity into your home.

God bless and more power!