Thursday, September 6, 2012

News Break: When Earthquake Attack

It was 3:00 o'clock in the morning, when earthquake strikes our place. All of the things that I've seen where moving and shaking. I thought our house will collapse anytime but thank God it's still standing. Everyone was really afraid, shock and in trauma but most of us tries to stand up and make everything just fine. Actually, we are lucky enough, because the house where we lived is not the center of the earthquake. And there were no damages had been recorded. According to the news, there are more or less 316 aftershocks were recorded by the PHIVOLCS Northern Mindanao. And it was so creepy that Bukidnon (where I currently lived) was one of the place that was being disturb by this natural phenomenon.

In Cebu city, Philippines the day that earthquake strikes us. People feel the shaking of the land and most of them ran outside the buildings and offices to make sure that they will be safe. And fortunately, there were no dead that were found due to the earthquake. But as inverse to that, Cebuanos are currently feels the water flows and experienced flooding  all over the cities. That's why they're looking up for something that could save not only their things but also their lives from this natural catastrophes. And as of now, most of them are trying to find a way on how they could stay away from it.

While in Maramag, Bukidnon where most of the residents were being affected by the earthquake. There are more damages found and some dead people were being recovered due to the said calamity. And because of that, many regional and national groups extend their help by giving relief goods to those families who greatly affected by the said earthquake. And as of now, the said place were already okay and the people are trying to stand again and trying to be strong for the sake of their family.

Thus, this tragedy gives us a good moral lesson and that is to become strong and to be ready whenever tragic moment happens. And the faith that people shows to everyone are very strong indeed because God never fail them. Even if there were lives that was lost and some livelihood that have been vanished, they are still thankful because they have still the life and the will to keep on. And this event will surely be a warning to all of us. A warning that we should always keep in mind to keep our lives and family in safety.

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