Friday, August 31, 2012

I Give My All: Author’s Note (An Ebook Release)

 There are only 5 characters here, first is Spencer, then second is Joie, third is Sheena and the last is the mother and father of Spencer. Spencer was then the first and the main character in which he found out that he has this brain tumour and he only have 3 months to live. While Joie is the bestfriend of Spencer that makes Spencer’s life happy and complete but because of the girl that they both love which is Sheena, Joie start to hate Spencer and closely breaks their friendship. But because Spencer really cares about his bestfriend and about their friendship, he didn’t stop and didn’t give up on his bestfriend. Then afterwards, as the weeks goes by, Spencer starts to believe that his life is already okay and he could now take the fate that was given to him by God. And not later than 3 months Spencer finally met the sunset that touch not only his life but also the lives of his family and to his bestfriend.
The core of this story is Love, Friendship and Fate. If you don't take life as something positive, you will suffer. But if you will enjoy of what are the things that God gave you. You will be contented and fulfilled. Life is something we should look forward. Regardless with the negative feedback and negative environment that we have, we should always be thankful to God. Remember, in each side of the story, whether it's comedy, tragedy or love story, there is always a positive side of it. Do not afraid to take risk as long as you know that you're doing the right thing, then no problem at all.

If you want to get a copy of this story or you love to have one.

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