Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Mood of Silence

I was trying to be out of great emptiness
But I don't know why I can't help myself to resist
With the mood of silence that passes into my veins
Lord really knows, that I have something in me that I truly cares.

Silence brings peacefulness to everyone
Silence could give you time where you can search for the lacking one
But if you are not used to this silence
Your heart and your mind seem to break into pieces

I was never like this before
Silence gives the happiness that I looking for
But when I see the real friends and people in my side
I can't help myself to keep my heart in a deep sight.

Yes! I was really wrong when I started to trust the silence
But if you are just alone and don't have any people whom you called friends
You would actually open your arms to the madness of silence
And wouldn't know the art of a true and real friends

I was totally out and being left in the dark
Silence and self-pettiness are coming into my lonely heart
I was trying my best to look for the light
And trying to break the silence that was covering my sight

Someone called me and  ask me to stay
I can't help my heart but to understand and accept what he says
Now, when he already found the real happiness in his heart
He now then left me and forget me on his part

Cry would not solve this problem of mine
And also, it will not let the silence the will rest into my mind
I don't know if I can now let this Silence come again into my system
But one thing for sure, this Silence will become my strength and not my weakness

Now, that I'm starting to break this Silence
I just want to be sure about the people in my surrounding
Thank you Lord for the gift that you gave me
And finally, let the mood of Silence be out and free. 

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