Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What makes a true Bestfriend?

Each of us is looking for something that could make us happy. And since we are human, we are trying on searching for the things that could help us to forget all of the problems as well as forget all of the unnecessary situations that we go through. I must say, I’m a man who don’t have enough courage to face all of my problems, but I’m not telling myself that I’m that weak to be not control all of my emotions and weaknesses.

Upon walking in the road of wonderings and road of failures and problems, God intend us to give the person that we consider as “Bestfriend” and this person will be the reasons why we are still strong and why we are still standing still. Now, the question, what will be your basis or simple, what makes a true bestfriend?

Can you assure that someone will become your true bestfriend if you will always make that person happy? Or is the basis of being a true bestfriend is the number of days, weeks, months or years that you shared? Is it the memories or is it the experience? Is it the sharing or is it the sufferings?

In my life, I never expected that I could find someone that I consider as bestfriend. I must say that in my over 20 years of existing in this world, I just have a few bestfriend. To be honest, I don’t consider my girls closest friends as my bestfriend, why? It’s because for me, being a bestfriend is something that you could open yourself and willing to tell everything. A person who will not just make you feel happy but rather, a person who could make you feel that you have a worth and feels like you got the inspirations to him/her. And since I’m a boy, I was really praying to God that I could find a person whom I consider as my bestfriend with same sex with me. And I was not failed, God really makes me feel good and give me a bestfriend that I really consider as my bestfriend.

Joie, this is the first bestfriend that I have, he is handsome and we have almost same gestures, same look (just kidding) and same attitude. I consider him as my bestfriend because he’s the only guy that I could really spend my extra time with, when I was still in school and a guy that I’m comfortable with. And after how many years that we spend together, he is now happy with his career and he is a nurse, and I’m so proud for him.

Jasfer Mark, the second bestfriend that I have, actually it takes almost 8 years before I met my second bestfriend. I was in the first year college when I met him, and I never expected that he wants me to become his bestfriend. And his handsome, strong and very talented, just like me of course, (LOL). I consider him as my bestfriend because I can tell everything to him, laugh and crying with him. And now, his happy with his life and with his career, I’m so proud as well as very thankful because God let me know Jasfer.

As I continue my journey in college, I found this very cute, talented and religious man, his name is Leymar John. So proud with him because he finally got his job in one of the municipality here in our place, and we became bestfriend when we are still taking up our on the job training in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines. I consider him as my bestfriend because we usually talks about our lives share our problems and thoughts and share our naughtiness about girls, so happy spending time with my third bestfriend.

 And now, the current and the newest bestfriend that I have, he is a high school student, again, another handsome bestfriend, with full of confidence in his system. He is great and very intelligent, very amazing and very proud of himself.  I consider him as my bestfriend as well as my inspiration, he open my eyes and my mind to a new world and a new idea on what make life and what does God intend me to do. He also opens my soul and my experience grows even wider and stronger. His name is Sundie and I will not let anyone ruin our friendship.  

For now, Leymar and Sundie are the only bestfriend that I keep, since I don’t have any communication with my other two bestfriend. But even though it is like this, I was really happy and thankful that Lord experiences me to have them in my life. And I just hope that I can keep my two bestfriend forever. Now that I already share my bestfriend, can you also share yours?

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