Monday, May 28, 2012

Volcanic Eruptions: Reason of Climate Change Part 2

Climate change has become worst and worst every day. Lots of people didn’t know what really makes the climate change, and now in the part two of my opinion and own investigation about the causes of climate change. I will show to you why volcanic eruptions become one of the causes and if there’s something that we can do about this cause. Together with the help of images that was taken from the different source, like Google, Yahoo and even encyclopedia I will be going to give you the right reason why this happened.

This image (left side) is taken from the volcanic eruption happened in Philippines, the Mt. Pinatubo that kills thousands of people. In the picture you can see the vast amount of smoke, and this smoke contains certain elements that contribute to what we called as "Greenhouse Gases". And now you will know what are those Greenhouse Gases and what makes this greenhouse gases affects the normal temperature of the world.

Primarily, Greenhouse Gases includes; carbon dioxide and water vapor, that's the reason why human can easily produce such gases and would affect the current temperature of the world. But in there are also some elements that makes and affects the ozone layer as well as the atmosphere like methane, Nitrogen and CFCs  or the chlorofluorocarbon. And accordingly, the volcanic eruption happened in Philippines (Mt. Pinatubo) and in Chile (Mt. Hudson) makes the ozone losses it's 15-20% at high latitude and greater than 50% over the Antarctic. 

This is the volcanic eruption in Mt. Hudson but not the actual image during the 1991 massive eruption. 

And here are the collections of the volcanic eruptions all around the world. . . .

This is the Shinmoedake Eruption in Japan

Mt St. Helen's Massive Eruption happened in 1980

Mt. Redoubt Eruption in Alaska

Mt Merapi eruption in Indonesia happened October, 2010

Mt. Mayon Eruption in the Philippines

These images are the evidence that volcanic eruptions can contribute to the changes in the present world temperature. Just imagine, for about 1,500 active volcanoes in the world and if these volcanoes will explode and release massive smoke, do you think ozone layer can resist this massive amount? And since volcanic eruption is a natural phenomenon, and people like us can't do anything to stop this phenomenon and the only thing that we can do is to prepare ourselves to the possible outcomes that this eruption may result. 

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  1. Did you know the Mount St. Helens Eruption caused a tsunami in nearby Spirit Lake?