Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Dream Girl

When I was in the terminal
I heard the music entitled “physical”
I smiled because I saw a girl that was fantastical
Because of her dress that was look so hysterical

I never thought that I will be get mesmerized to her
Just because the way she dress and the way she interfere
I promised myself the next time that I will saw her
I will do my best to take good care of her

For how many years had passed
I never saw the girl in my past
I was worried and wanted to meet her again
And hopefully gonna find and officially met her

I was searching in Facebook to maybe look on her picture
But sad to say, I couldn’t find any of her interesting delineation
Maybe somehow God will help me with her
And would find her and ask if I could make her as my girl

One day, when I was sitting in the park
I heard a dog that was really noisy of his bark
I was confused why does this dog barking?
Then I find out that he found something
When I actually pick that thing
I remember the girl of my dream
The girl that I wanted so bad
A girl that will not make me feel sad

I was turning my head looking if she’s here
Asking those little kids that was playing
Then someone call my name
And when I turn, it was my mom!

I was really mad to my mother
Because I will not see her again
Then I walked together with my mom
Because according to her she will have to acquaint me to someone.

When I got home
I went directly to my room
So feel mad at my mother
And don’t want to waste any time for my future lover

After 5 minutes of sobbing
I heard someone knocking
And when I open the door of my room
I saw a girl that was standing alone

It was her!
The girl that I search for a very long time
Now I’m sure that I’m in love
And want to marry her until the end of time