Thursday, May 3, 2012


     In our time today, each one of us are focusing on what would be our future if we will not take any action, like finding for work or finding ways on how to make money. Am I right? And sometimes, because of this reason we forgot to take even just a smile. Don’t you know that frowning can be a cause of early aging? That’s why we have to smile always to stay young and healthy.

 Just read this article and I promised I will make you smile.

JOKE # 1:
            Sayings to live by:
a.      Birds of the same feather are the same birds.
b.      Do not do unto others what you can’t do.
c.       An apple a day is not an apple at night.
d.      When the cat is away the mouse is alone.
e.      If others can do it, do not help them!
f.        Tell me who your friends are and I might know them too.
g.      Early to bed and early to rise makes you sleepy in the afternoon.

JOKE # 2:
            Five Things to look in a partner:
1.      Pleasing “PESO”nality
2.      Good “CAR”acteristics
3.      Good family “BANK”ground
4.      Good “MONEY”rism
5.      And lastly, very “CASH”ual

JOKE # 3:
            A boy accidentally touches the legs of his religious girlfriend:
Girlfriend:  OOPS! Psalm 125
Boyfriend: sorry
After the boy got to his house he open directly the bible and read “psalm 125”. The boy got really disappointed you know why? Because psalm 125 says “go higher and find glory”.

I know for some reason, these jokes couldn't solve all of your problems, but at least, as long as i know that these joke will be able to make you smile, then I'm happy already to know it. So hopefully, you enjoy the joke and let's be happy always:) 

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