Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Continental Drift: One of the reasons of Climate Change

People are always thinks that climate change occurs it’s because of the silly things that people do to the environment. If we try to observe it then you can say that they are really right, but to tell you, there is one reason why climate change becomes stronger every day and the people that usually feels this are those people who lived in a place where this phenomenon happens.

For better understanding about the continental drift, please focus your eyes on the pictures that will be shown here.

This is the world map that was theoretically draw by the scientist long before. And as you can notice, 270 years ago the world only have one continent and they called it as PANGAEA.  

And after 30 years, the world now is divided into two major continents and they called it as LAURASIA AND GONDWANALAND. And you can also noticed that the continents are now began to spread.

After 40 years, the two major continents are still there but the separation of each continents are now become clearer and bigger. And you can also notice the distance between the continents.

60 years later, the continents began to spread and there are small part of the land that began to break and that was the first reason why the word country is being used.

45 years later, the small breaks began to have its group and there are already 7 major continents that includes; NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, ANTARCTICA AND EURASIA ( combination of Europe and Asia)

And the world today. . .as you can notice, all the maps tells that this is the real physical feature of the earth, but what happens after 60 years? 

And this explain the question. According to the theory the world will be look like this after 60 years and you would actually feels it since 60 years are starting to count on already.

And thus, if you are looking at the other part of the theory, you can really say that climate change isn’t only based on the things that people do, but instead, the climate change is the normal changes that earth possesses. But the questions now, are you prepared enough to face the changes that this climate change push until the end of time?  Or is your body prepared enough to accept the changes of the environment and could give you some idea on how you could survive as the night becomes colder and colder every day? That’s why do not just wait for this moment to happen, act now, plant more trees, and do whatever the things that you need to do.

 (image was taken from the Encarta Encyclopedia)


  1. Did you know that after 60 years are starting to count on already, Africa collides to Europe closing the Mediterranean Sea, Australia will collide with Indonesia and Philippines, and California and Baja California will slide north up to the coast of Alaska?

  2. Hello Caehl Capiz thank you for your comment. Anyways, there are many sides that links to this continental drift. If happened that in 60 years these continents will soon collide, for sure there are more changes that will happen not only for humans but also to the climate that we have. And maybe more people will get sick and maybe died due to these changes.

    Regarding with your question, well I really don't know. I'll make more researches regarding with it.