Monday, May 28, 2012

Volcanic Eruptions: Reason of Climate Change Part 2

Climate change has become worst and worst every day. Lots of people didn’t know what really makes the climate change, and now in the part two of my opinion and own investigation about the causes of climate change. I will show to you why volcanic eruptions become one of the causes and if there’s something that we can do about this cause. Together with the help of images that was taken from the different source, like Google, Yahoo and even encyclopedia I will be going to give you the right reason why this happened.

This image (left side) is taken from the volcanic eruption happened in Philippines, the Mt. Pinatubo that kills thousands of people. In the picture you can see the vast amount of smoke, and this smoke contains certain elements that contribute to what we called as "Greenhouse Gases". And now you will know what are those Greenhouse Gases and what makes this greenhouse gases affects the normal temperature of the world.

Primarily, Greenhouse Gases includes; carbon dioxide and water vapor, that's the reason why human can easily produce such gases and would affect the current temperature of the world. But in there are also some elements that makes and affects the ozone layer as well as the atmosphere like methane, Nitrogen and CFCs  or the chlorofluorocarbon. And accordingly, the volcanic eruption happened in Philippines (Mt. Pinatubo) and in Chile (Mt. Hudson) makes the ozone losses it's 15-20% at high latitude and greater than 50% over the Antarctic. 

This is the volcanic eruption in Mt. Hudson but not the actual image during the 1991 massive eruption. 

And here are the collections of the volcanic eruptions all around the world. . . .

This is the Shinmoedake Eruption in Japan

Mt St. Helen's Massive Eruption happened in 1980

Mt. Redoubt Eruption in Alaska

Mt Merapi eruption in Indonesia happened October, 2010

Mt. Mayon Eruption in the Philippines

These images are the evidence that volcanic eruptions can contribute to the changes in the present world temperature. Just imagine, for about 1,500 active volcanoes in the world and if these volcanoes will explode and release massive smoke, do you think ozone layer can resist this massive amount? And since volcanic eruption is a natural phenomenon, and people like us can't do anything to stop this phenomenon and the only thing that we can do is to prepare ourselves to the possible outcomes that this eruption may result. 

Friday, May 25, 2012


Incubus, in medieval European folklore, a male demon that was believed to seek sexual intercourse with sleeping women. According to one legend, the incubus, and its female counterpart, the succubus, were fallen angels. Union with an incubus was thought to produce demons, witches, and deformed children. The legendary wizard Merlin was said to have been the offspring of such a union. The word incubus is Latin for “nightmare.”(Source: Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation.)
            Base on the definition above, these incubus and succubus were like supernatural being wherein no one can stop nor identify their identity. These folklore has been introduce many years ago and until now, there were no concrete evidence if these folklore really exist, and based on the facts that I read, this two supernatural beings will attack when their victims were asleep maybe because of this belief, the popular fiction movie, “a nightmare on elm street” has been created. But the differences of the film was, the main killer which is Freddy, is not doing sexual intercourse with his victims instead he kill them using his steel hand claw, but the whole story was pointing out one common denominator and that is killing them in their nightmare.
            Indeed, the world right now have many unsolved mysteries that even the experts find it too difficult to explain and to justify but we, as a human, we find it too easy to explain because of the legends, myths and stories that we know from our ancestors, we can easily made our own stories just to have answers in our mind. Thus, this succubus and incubus are still considered as myth and stories and it is for you to find out if these two supernatural beings are really existed. And it will now depend in to your faith.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What makes a true Bestfriend?

Each of us is looking for something that could make us happy. And since we are human, we are trying on searching for the things that could help us to forget all of the problems as well as forget all of the unnecessary situations that we go through. I must say, I’m a man who don’t have enough courage to face all of my problems, but I’m not telling myself that I’m that weak to be not control all of my emotions and weaknesses.

Upon walking in the road of wonderings and road of failures and problems, God intend us to give the person that we consider as “Bestfriend” and this person will be the reasons why we are still strong and why we are still standing still. Now, the question, what will be your basis or simple, what makes a true bestfriend?

Can you assure that someone will become your true bestfriend if you will always make that person happy? Or is the basis of being a true bestfriend is the number of days, weeks, months or years that you shared? Is it the memories or is it the experience? Is it the sharing or is it the sufferings?

In my life, I never expected that I could find someone that I consider as bestfriend. I must say that in my over 20 years of existing in this world, I just have a few bestfriend. To be honest, I don’t consider my girls closest friends as my bestfriend, why? It’s because for me, being a bestfriend is something that you could open yourself and willing to tell everything. A person who will not just make you feel happy but rather, a person who could make you feel that you have a worth and feels like you got the inspirations to him/her. And since I’m a boy, I was really praying to God that I could find a person whom I consider as my bestfriend with same sex with me. And I was not failed, God really makes me feel good and give me a bestfriend that I really consider as my bestfriend.

Joie, this is the first bestfriend that I have, he is handsome and we have almost same gestures, same look (just kidding) and same attitude. I consider him as my bestfriend because he’s the only guy that I could really spend my extra time with, when I was still in school and a guy that I’m comfortable with. And after how many years that we spend together, he is now happy with his career and he is a nurse, and I’m so proud for him.

Jasfer Mark, the second bestfriend that I have, actually it takes almost 8 years before I met my second bestfriend. I was in the first year college when I met him, and I never expected that he wants me to become his bestfriend. And his handsome, strong and very talented, just like me of course, (LOL). I consider him as my bestfriend because I can tell everything to him, laugh and crying with him. And now, his happy with his life and with his career, I’m so proud as well as very thankful because God let me know Jasfer.

As I continue my journey in college, I found this very cute, talented and religious man, his name is Leymar John. So proud with him because he finally got his job in one of the municipality here in our place, and we became bestfriend when we are still taking up our on the job training in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines. I consider him as my bestfriend because we usually talks about our lives share our problems and thoughts and share our naughtiness about girls, so happy spending time with my third bestfriend.

 And now, the current and the newest bestfriend that I have, he is a high school student, again, another handsome bestfriend, with full of confidence in his system. He is great and very intelligent, very amazing and very proud of himself.  I consider him as my bestfriend as well as my inspiration, he open my eyes and my mind to a new world and a new idea on what make life and what does God intend me to do. He also opens my soul and my experience grows even wider and stronger. His name is Sundie and I will not let anyone ruin our friendship.  

For now, Leymar and Sundie are the only bestfriend that I keep, since I don’t have any communication with my other two bestfriend. But even though it is like this, I was really happy and thankful that Lord experiences me to have them in my life. And I just hope that I can keep my two bestfriend forever. Now that I already share my bestfriend, can you also share yours?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Dream Girl

When I was in the terminal
I heard the music entitled “physical”
I smiled because I saw a girl that was fantastical
Because of her dress that was look so hysterical

I never thought that I will be get mesmerized to her
Just because the way she dress and the way she interfere
I promised myself the next time that I will saw her
I will do my best to take good care of her

For how many years had passed
I never saw the girl in my past
I was worried and wanted to meet her again
And hopefully gonna find and officially met her

I was searching in Facebook to maybe look on her picture
But sad to say, I couldn’t find any of her interesting delineation
Maybe somehow God will help me with her
And would find her and ask if I could make her as my girl

One day, when I was sitting in the park
I heard a dog that was really noisy of his bark
I was confused why does this dog barking?
Then I find out that he found something
When I actually pick that thing
I remember the girl of my dream
The girl that I wanted so bad
A girl that will not make me feel sad

I was turning my head looking if she’s here
Asking those little kids that was playing
Then someone call my name
And when I turn, it was my mom!

I was really mad to my mother
Because I will not see her again
Then I walked together with my mom
Because according to her she will have to acquaint me to someone.

When I got home
I went directly to my room
So feel mad at my mother
And don’t want to waste any time for my future lover

After 5 minutes of sobbing
I heard someone knocking
And when I open the door of my room
I saw a girl that was standing alone

It was her!
The girl that I search for a very long time
Now I’m sure that I’m in love
And want to marry her until the end of time

Thursday, May 3, 2012


     In our time today, each one of us are focusing on what would be our future if we will not take any action, like finding for work or finding ways on how to make money. Am I right? And sometimes, because of this reason we forgot to take even just a smile. Don’t you know that frowning can be a cause of early aging? That’s why we have to smile always to stay young and healthy.

 Just read this article and I promised I will make you smile.

JOKE # 1:
            Sayings to live by:
a.      Birds of the same feather are the same birds.
b.      Do not do unto others what you can’t do.
c.       An apple a day is not an apple at night.
d.      When the cat is away the mouse is alone.
e.      If others can do it, do not help them!
f.        Tell me who your friends are and I might know them too.
g.      Early to bed and early to rise makes you sleepy in the afternoon.

JOKE # 2:
            Five Things to look in a partner:
1.      Pleasing “PESO”nality
2.      Good “CAR”acteristics
3.      Good family “BANK”ground
4.      Good “MONEY”rism
5.      And lastly, very “CASH”ual

JOKE # 3:
            A boy accidentally touches the legs of his religious girlfriend:
Girlfriend:  OOPS! Psalm 125
Boyfriend: sorry
After the boy got to his house he open directly the bible and read “psalm 125”. The boy got really disappointed you know why? Because psalm 125 says “go higher and find glory”.

I know for some reason, these jokes couldn't solve all of your problems, but at least, as long as i know that these joke will be able to make you smile, then I'm happy already to know it. So hopefully, you enjoy the joke and let's be happy always:) 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Continental Drift: One of the reasons of Climate Change

People are always thinks that climate change occurs it’s because of the silly things that people do to the environment. If we try to observe it then you can say that they are really right, but to tell you, there is one reason why climate change becomes stronger every day and the people that usually feels this are those people who lived in a place where this phenomenon happens.

For better understanding about the continental drift, please focus your eyes on the pictures that will be shown here.

This is the world map that was theoretically draw by the scientist long before. And as you can notice, 270 years ago the world only have one continent and they called it as PANGAEA.  

And after 30 years, the world now is divided into two major continents and they called it as LAURASIA AND GONDWANALAND. And you can also noticed that the continents are now began to spread.

After 40 years, the two major continents are still there but the separation of each continents are now become clearer and bigger. And you can also notice the distance between the continents.

60 years later, the continents began to spread and there are small part of the land that began to break and that was the first reason why the word country is being used.

45 years later, the small breaks began to have its group and there are already 7 major continents that includes; NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, ANTARCTICA AND EURASIA ( combination of Europe and Asia)

And the world today. . .as you can notice, all the maps tells that this is the real physical feature of the earth, but what happens after 60 years? 

And this explain the question. According to the theory the world will be look like this after 60 years and you would actually feels it since 60 years are starting to count on already.

And thus, if you are looking at the other part of the theory, you can really say that climate change isn’t only based on the things that people do, but instead, the climate change is the normal changes that earth possesses. But the questions now, are you prepared enough to face the changes that this climate change push until the end of time?  Or is your body prepared enough to accept the changes of the environment and could give you some idea on how you could survive as the night becomes colder and colder every day? That’s why do not just wait for this moment to happen, act now, plant more trees, and do whatever the things that you need to do.

 (image was taken from the Encarta Encyclopedia)