Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Best Friend: Sundie

I was not expecting for something
But God gave me a special gift that is worth living
He gave me a true friend that was not my age
A friend that I consider the best until the end.

I found myself to him,
A man that was full of questions and wondering
That's why I started to trust and like him
Because of his attitude and his way of surviving

His name is Sundie
And he was always happy
The happiness that I always wanted to sees
But I couldn't see it because of my self-pettiness

My Best friend is brave and strong
He was really handsome and you can debate me if I'm wrong
He was a true man with full of dream in his heart
Although sometimes I can see his lonely part

One day, He tries to approach me
To ask some advises and to hear his stories
I was really surprise and I couldn't believe it
But because he was my best friend, I know he don't want to do it.

He said, that was his greatest secret
A secret that he wanted to be discreet
I was really happy because he trusted me this much
And hopefully, these things would really last.

I was moved upon hearing his problem
I want to help him, and want to take good care of him
But since I know he can pass all of these trials
That's why I just talk to him and tries to be like not bias

I was really scared when he told me that he want to die
I was crying and worried and I'm not really telling a lie
I want to go to him and want to stop him
But thank God because he finally relieve all of his pain.

I consider him as my brother
A true friend, strong shelter and good comforter
I consider him as one of my true family
And don't want to lose him until we reach all of my dreams

And now, I felt again that strange feeling
Because maybe I would go to another place and leave for my dreams
But as I tried to ask him
I can see to his eyes that he wanted me to follow my dreams

Right now, I was really crying
Because of one true great understanding
That I couldn't make this far not because of him
And could not feel this happiness that he truly brings.

I don't want to end this poem
But I guess it should be done like a real poem
All I wanted is to write all of his good points
And all i wanted is to prove his worth. .