Sunday, March 4, 2012

What is a Real Man?

Real man, it is one of the common issues today, what is really the basis if a man is truly a man or he has just been forcing himself to be real man. In our society today, many homosexual individual are arising, and according to them, although the homosexual individual has no ovary but still they are increasing in numbers every year. Many studies have been arising to explain why there is a third sex but all of their studies point out one common denominator and that is through environment. But even though many people called them “gays” or “bakla”, in tagalog and “bayot” in visayan language, still, they have the same organ as male have also. That’s why homosexual individuals should not be treated differently than the other men because as common today, homosexual individuals are more rich than the straight man because homosexual individuals are more creative and more passionate than those straight man, (in terms of work).
            In the culture of Filipinos, their basis of being a man is based on the strength; if he can carry heavy loads then they will call you a man and if you are not, they will call you “gay”. Is that always should be the basis? What if he can’t really carry that thing, thus it follow that he was already a gay? Another basis was through emotional, if many will see a man crying, they will already concluded that, that person is not a real man, well in fact, all of us experiencing difficulties in life, thus the man have no right to show their feelings?  All of these bases are not justifiable. Every human should always put in their mind that God never give us eyes to use for any foolishness, indeed, God give us an eyes to be the way of our tears whenever we feel so depressed and problematic.
            Another basis was through man’s friends. If people finds that he have many girl friends than boy friends, they will immediately judge that person as gay, what if that man was really want to join in a group that is dominated with girls? Is there something wrong with that? Somehow there are boys who are comfortable going with girls than going with man. But it should not follow that he was already a gay.
            As an addition to the basis, is through the actions and the way he talks, if they saw a man who walk like a girl or talk like a girl they will immediately judge that person as a gay. What if that was already his natural action or that was really the way he talks, maybe because of his environment? But that does not mean that he already a gay. This is not still the right way of judging a person.
            Let us always remember, man it’s either a true man or not has a right to do what he wants. Jumping to the conclusion is just a natural reaction to a person but it should be in lined with the proper way of treating a particular person. Let say, that man claims himself that he was a gay; would it be nice that he will tell the truth than he was just keeping it inside? There is nothing wrong if you have a gay friend or a gay brother because that friend or that brother is just want to share his happiness and loneliness that for him, he could not be carry by himself. And don’t be ashamed if you have a gay father because that person is more responsible than to those people who claim themselves that they are not gay.
            Homosexual individuals are the source of happiness that’s why they called as gay, the only people who just want to live in a world that they can call home. A home that is willing to accept regardless to the gender. A home that they can call as their sanctuary that no one can harm them and a home that no one will discriminate them. Gays are still human. They have still a heart that can feel the same feelings that an ordinary human. As the world became more judgemental there is one important thing that the human should always remember and that is, God created a man and a woman and if ever there are homosexual right now is because God has a purpose.
            It’s the right time for us to accept, to open our hearts and mind and to be fair to all the things that God created. Real man?. It is not on the basis because a true man is not based by his actions or physical features but instead, a real man should be judge through his heart and through his principle in life, and also a true man knows how he defends not only to himself but also to the people that surrounds him. And to all people who have a misconception of what really a real man is, I think it is the right time for you to reflect whether your behaviour that is showing was really the things that a real man should possess.



  1. "One who works with principles and has a heart... how he defends not only himself but also the people around him..." Good point of view, Goy. Great share! ;-)

    ~ SittieCates

  2. Ayos kuya! :)

    ang tunay na lalaki, kumakain ng tatlong platong rice.

    Tama ba? WAHAHA! :)

    Kidding aside, its a nice article.