Friday, March 2, 2012

True Love or Lust

As a part of a Christian country, it is already a culture or tradition that before a man and woman will engage in what they called “sex”, they must first to face the Lord (have a wedding) before they can do what they want to do. But as the days get civilized and modernized, it seems that this culture or tradition are slowly disappears because lots of teen-agers today are engaging in this pre-marital sex in which it leads to a more complicated situation and sometimes, it leads to a much heavy problem and that is to kill an innocent child. But why these things happened? Is it because of love or is it because of lust?
            There are distinctions if we took about love and lust. True Love is something we could feel but we can’t explain and we always bring the love even if we are in the middle of nowhere, and also we can’t actually know that what we feel to a particular person is love. But if we talk about lust, it is something that you love that person because you found him or her so hot and so sexy. It seems that you love him or her not because you love him/her but because you have sexual desires.  And most of the time, the effect of lust is not good like the pre-marital sex that is the main root of abortion.
            Talking about sex, as we all know, sex is a basic need of human (it is actually categorized in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) and it should be taken seriously. It should be in a right time and in a right place. But as what we see for today’s generation, it seems that it is okay to have sex in a public places. Pornographic sites in the internet were tremendously arising together with the abuses that are caused by these things like child molestation and abortion. And these are all the effects of love that was made out of lust.
            But if a sex is made out of true love, for sure, the effects are good. It could be the main source of a happy family, a happy relationship and maybe a happy living. Because true love binds people together, it brings very special and unique stories that everyone wants to read. True love also create a beautiful lyrics that we hear every time we can hear a music and the most important is, true love can build unity, peace and harmony to each people and each country around the world. The effects of true love is really great while the effects of lust was really miserable, miserable to the people who just get into a world the full of sacrifices and hurt.
            Thus, true love will never give any problems to those people who engaged to it but if a love is made out of lust people will never find any happiness. For some reason, we can say that those people who love because of lust feel also the happiness but it was just a temporary. According to the question, isn’t still being a sin if a two people who gets into pre-marital sex, even if they love each other? Well, the answers are all up to you but the bottom line is that, whether you love each other, or your love is really a true love but you did it before in the eyes of the Lord, it will always be wrong. Love a particular person but do not give everything because you maybe wake up one day, the only thing that you keep and secured for a long time will simply gone. And do not hurry to love a person, you should distinguish first whether your feelings that you feel to that person is a true love or just a lust.

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