Friday, March 2, 2012


Dear Human,
            What’s wrong with you guys? I’m just peacefully standing here, I did not do anything but why you pissing me off? I’m here because I’m just been made to protect the family. Is it my fault to be standing here? You are much stoned-hearted than me well in fact I’m the one who made out of stone. And here’s another man, if he will not pissed on me, he will punch me or kick me! What’s your problem man?
            I know it is not easy to be a human but you don’t have also any idea on how to be like me. I want to go to the other place where I can live in harmony. I don’t have any family or friends the only thing that I have is the reason why I been created, and that is because of the house that I will supposedly be protect off. But how will I do that if you will continue pissing me off? Maybe sooner or later, I will be same with the other whom become dump and broken. I don’t want to be like that, I want to live longer! So please stop abusing me.
            Hopefully, all of you will realize on how to be like me, I want to be appreciated and called hero not to be a comfort room and punching bag. Hopefully, you will see my real purpose and please be my friend not my enemy. Hopefully!

The one begging you,

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