Tuesday, March 13, 2012


When I was a kid, I love to watch movies and cartoons and as I observed it was ended in a happy ending, I’m already used to it but as I grow I found out that in reality there’s no such word as happy ending because in reality, life is full of misery and pain. But for you, do you believe in happy ending?
                Many fantasy movies were end up happily like Cinderella, after she was found by her prince charming, her life had change and at last, she was out by her evil stepmother and evil stepsisters. While Snowwhite, after she was saved by her prince charming, her life were already happy. But in the real world, does all of this were existed?
                According to some sociologist, fantasy movies were created for kids and the story were always end up happy because people want that in every difficult situation that the protagonist have, there will always be a solution. It was really designed like that because most children don’t like to watch movies that are full of sadness and pain. Is it only the kids like to have this kind of ending? How about those adult one?
                Well actually, even to those adult individual they want that the movies they are watching will be end up happily because for them, if a movie will end up sad or tragic, the movie is not worth it to be watch by any people, but why? According to the philosopher, human in nature want to gain pleasure and want to avoid pain which explain the reason why adult individual want to have a happy ending. But because of the modern world today, many of us already know what the meaning of life is really. Once in your life you will be happy but most of it are sad and painful because if there will no painful events that will happen to a person’s life, his/her life will be boring and for sure, he/she will not be motivated in exploring different things.
                To end up this article, let me ask you the same question, for almost a number of years existing in this unpredictable world and for all the painful events that happened or happening to your life. Do you still believe in a happy ending? Because for me, happy ending will always be in the movies not in the real life you know why? Because life is not the same with movies, it has no limitations and it is not scripted nor have a director because we are the director of our own lives. That’s why, at this moment, I really do not believe in what they called, “happy ending”. 

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