Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We open our eyes in a world that was full of tradition and culture and we cannot deny the fact that without this culture we don’t have an any idea of what are the things that our ancestor done during their times but nevertheless, our culture and tradition were the basis on how to respect and understand each other’s belief.

But as we go along with the process of understanding the other culture, I’ve come to realize that why is it there are some tribe who happen to be so unmerciful to the people that was covered by their group most especially their men, lots of the boys suffers a lot from the process of being a real man and there are times that we can think, is it still part of their culture or it can be considered already as tortured?
Text Box: Self-laceration is common in religous rituals, such as this one in Thailand.

            Many of the native people are still using the old way of circumcising their boys and their still tribe who performed the unusual rituals that can harm their people like the picture that you see (in the left side). As you look at the picture, the man uses the dagger or traditional knife to cut his cheek. Upon looking at the picture, can you  imagined yourself being the one who doing that terrifying stunt, do you have enough courage to do that? Maybe if you are one of the members of that tribe, you will not have the choice but to follow your leader but because we are just a living witness of the unusual ritual we can easily react about the things that our eyes perceived.
            Although for us, it is not good because it could really harm a person but for them since it is their culture it is not issue for them to do it since they are already used to it that’s why, perhaps, even the human right movement were not able to stop this kind of rituals because they respect and understand why this group of people doing this terrifying and horrible “stunt”.
            Thus, let us always remember that in each tribe or group there are particular rituals that we must obey and respect because we don’t know, for us it is a wasting life experience but for those people who performing this acts considered it as holy and sacred, and we have no choice but to watch and observe their own tradition and their own culture.

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