Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Climate Change is a measurable increase in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses. Scientists believe Earth is currently facing a period of rapid warming brought on by rising levels of heat-trapping gases, known as greenhouse gases, in the atmosphere.
 This was the biggest problem that the world are facing today where in, each of us are obliged to contribute a little amount of care just to protect our environment. According to the research of the scientist, the major cause of this climate change is the smoke that the factories and vehicles produce or in other words, the pollution that the human produces every day. This was the fact that we know, but did you know that even there will be no human in this world; still, time will come that what the world will experience at this point will still be the same experience that the world will have even if there are no existence of human. Do you want to know the reason? Just continue reading this article.
             As we all know, all the planets are revolving around the sun and we also know that the sun is a kind of star. Each star has its life span, and sun as one of its kind has also an end, one of the bases that we can say that a particular star will come to its end if it possesses more light, if it produces more light it follows also that it produces more heat. As the year goes by, the sun’s life began to decrease and as the reduction of its life, sun will now produce more heat that’s why even if there will be no greenhouse effect or pollutions or whatsoever, the world will still experience the hotness that even human experiences today.
            Thus, even if we know already the reason why, we should still be vigilant of our environment, the proper waste disposal and the proper caring of the nature will still be our first priority. The sun has its own limitation, but it will happen trillion or billions of years from now but if we will continue giving out pollution to our environment instead of billions of years it will become thousands or millions of years. It will decrease its lifespan and eventually the world be eradicated together with the sun. So let us be conscious of our wastes. And let us help one another to bring back the true nature that our God has given.

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