Tuesday, March 13, 2012


When I was a kid, I love to watch movies and cartoons and as I observed it was ended in a happy ending, I’m already used to it but as I grow I found out that in reality there’s no such word as happy ending because in reality, life is full of misery and pain. But for you, do you believe in happy ending?
                Many fantasy movies were end up happily like Cinderella, after she was found by her prince charming, her life had change and at last, she was out by her evil stepmother and evil stepsisters. While Snowwhite, after she was saved by her prince charming, her life were already happy. But in the real world, does all of this were existed?
                According to some sociologist, fantasy movies were created for kids and the story were always end up happy because people want that in every difficult situation that the protagonist have, there will always be a solution. It was really designed like that because most children don’t like to watch movies that are full of sadness and pain. Is it only the kids like to have this kind of ending? How about those adult one?
                Well actually, even to those adult individual they want that the movies they are watching will be end up happily because for them, if a movie will end up sad or tragic, the movie is not worth it to be watch by any people, but why? According to the philosopher, human in nature want to gain pleasure and want to avoid pain which explain the reason why adult individual want to have a happy ending. But because of the modern world today, many of us already know what the meaning of life is really. Once in your life you will be happy but most of it are sad and painful because if there will no painful events that will happen to a person’s life, his/her life will be boring and for sure, he/she will not be motivated in exploring different things.
                To end up this article, let me ask you the same question, for almost a number of years existing in this unpredictable world and for all the painful events that happened or happening to your life. Do you still believe in a happy ending? Because for me, happy ending will always be in the movies not in the real life you know why? Because life is not the same with movies, it has no limitations and it is not scripted nor have a director because we are the director of our own lives. That’s why, at this moment, I really do not believe in what they called, “happy ending”. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Climate Change is a measurable increase in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses. Scientists believe Earth is currently facing a period of rapid warming brought on by rising levels of heat-trapping gases, known as greenhouse gases, in the atmosphere.
 This was the biggest problem that the world are facing today where in, each of us are obliged to contribute a little amount of care just to protect our environment. According to the research of the scientist, the major cause of this climate change is the smoke that the factories and vehicles produce or in other words, the pollution that the human produces every day. This was the fact that we know, but did you know that even there will be no human in this world; still, time will come that what the world will experience at this point will still be the same experience that the world will have even if there are no existence of human. Do you want to know the reason? Just continue reading this article.
             As we all know, all the planets are revolving around the sun and we also know that the sun is a kind of star. Each star has its life span, and sun as one of its kind has also an end, one of the bases that we can say that a particular star will come to its end if it possesses more light, if it produces more light it follows also that it produces more heat. As the year goes by, the sun’s life began to decrease and as the reduction of its life, sun will now produce more heat that’s why even if there will be no greenhouse effect or pollutions or whatsoever, the world will still experience the hotness that even human experiences today.
            Thus, even if we know already the reason why, we should still be vigilant of our environment, the proper waste disposal and the proper caring of the nature will still be our first priority. The sun has its own limitation, but it will happen trillion or billions of years from now but if we will continue giving out pollution to our environment instead of billions of years it will become thousands or millions of years. It will decrease its lifespan and eventually the world be eradicated together with the sun. So let us be conscious of our wastes. And let us help one another to bring back the true nature that our God has given.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We open our eyes in a world that was full of tradition and culture and we cannot deny the fact that without this culture we don’t have an any idea of what are the things that our ancestor done during their times but nevertheless, our culture and tradition were the basis on how to respect and understand each other’s belief.

But as we go along with the process of understanding the other culture, I’ve come to realize that why is it there are some tribe who happen to be so unmerciful to the people that was covered by their group most especially their men, lots of the boys suffers a lot from the process of being a real man and there are times that we can think, is it still part of their culture or it can be considered already as tortured?
Text Box: Self-laceration is common in religous rituals, such as this one in Thailand.

            Many of the native people are still using the old way of circumcising their boys and their still tribe who performed the unusual rituals that can harm their people like the picture that you see (in the left side). As you look at the picture, the man uses the dagger or traditional knife to cut his cheek. Upon looking at the picture, can you  imagined yourself being the one who doing that terrifying stunt, do you have enough courage to do that? Maybe if you are one of the members of that tribe, you will not have the choice but to follow your leader but because we are just a living witness of the unusual ritual we can easily react about the things that our eyes perceived.
            Although for us, it is not good because it could really harm a person but for them since it is their culture it is not issue for them to do it since they are already used to it that’s why, perhaps, even the human right movement were not able to stop this kind of rituals because they respect and understand why this group of people doing this terrifying and horrible “stunt”.
            Thus, let us always remember that in each tribe or group there are particular rituals that we must obey and respect because we don’t know, for us it is a wasting life experience but for those people who performing this acts considered it as holy and sacred, and we have no choice but to watch and observe their own tradition and their own culture.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What is a Real Man?

Real man, it is one of the common issues today, what is really the basis if a man is truly a man or he has just been forcing himself to be real man. In our society today, many homosexual individual are arising, and according to them, although the homosexual individual has no ovary but still they are increasing in numbers every year. Many studies have been arising to explain why there is a third sex but all of their studies point out one common denominator and that is through environment. But even though many people called them “gays” or “bakla”, in tagalog and “bayot” in visayan language, still, they have the same organ as male have also. That’s why homosexual individuals should not be treated differently than the other men because as common today, homosexual individuals are more rich than the straight man because homosexual individuals are more creative and more passionate than those straight man, (in terms of work).
            In the culture of Filipinos, their basis of being a man is based on the strength; if he can carry heavy loads then they will call you a man and if you are not, they will call you “gay”. Is that always should be the basis? What if he can’t really carry that thing, thus it follow that he was already a gay? Another basis was through emotional, if many will see a man crying, they will already concluded that, that person is not a real man, well in fact, all of us experiencing difficulties in life, thus the man have no right to show their feelings?  All of these bases are not justifiable. Every human should always put in their mind that God never give us eyes to use for any foolishness, indeed, God give us an eyes to be the way of our tears whenever we feel so depressed and problematic.
            Another basis was through man’s friends. If people finds that he have many girl friends than boy friends, they will immediately judge that person as gay, what if that man was really want to join in a group that is dominated with girls? Is there something wrong with that? Somehow there are boys who are comfortable going with girls than going with man. But it should not follow that he was already a gay.
            As an addition to the basis, is through the actions and the way he talks, if they saw a man who walk like a girl or talk like a girl they will immediately judge that person as a gay. What if that was already his natural action or that was really the way he talks, maybe because of his environment? But that does not mean that he already a gay. This is not still the right way of judging a person.
            Let us always remember, man it’s either a true man or not has a right to do what he wants. Jumping to the conclusion is just a natural reaction to a person but it should be in lined with the proper way of treating a particular person. Let say, that man claims himself that he was a gay; would it be nice that he will tell the truth than he was just keeping it inside? There is nothing wrong if you have a gay friend or a gay brother because that friend or that brother is just want to share his happiness and loneliness that for him, he could not be carry by himself. And don’t be ashamed if you have a gay father because that person is more responsible than to those people who claim themselves that they are not gay.
            Homosexual individuals are the source of happiness that’s why they called as gay, the only people who just want to live in a world that they can call home. A home that is willing to accept regardless to the gender. A home that they can call as their sanctuary that no one can harm them and a home that no one will discriminate them. Gays are still human. They have still a heart that can feel the same feelings that an ordinary human. As the world became more judgemental there is one important thing that the human should always remember and that is, God created a man and a woman and if ever there are homosexual right now is because God has a purpose.
            It’s the right time for us to accept, to open our hearts and mind and to be fair to all the things that God created. Real man?. It is not on the basis because a true man is not based by his actions or physical features but instead, a real man should be judge through his heart and through his principle in life, and also a true man knows how he defends not only to himself but also to the people that surrounds him. And to all people who have a misconception of what really a real man is, I think it is the right time for you to reflect whether your behaviour that is showing was really the things that a real man should possess.


Friday, March 2, 2012

True Love or Lust

As a part of a Christian country, it is already a culture or tradition that before a man and woman will engage in what they called “sex”, they must first to face the Lord (have a wedding) before they can do what they want to do. But as the days get civilized and modernized, it seems that this culture or tradition are slowly disappears because lots of teen-agers today are engaging in this pre-marital sex in which it leads to a more complicated situation and sometimes, it leads to a much heavy problem and that is to kill an innocent child. But why these things happened? Is it because of love or is it because of lust?
            There are distinctions if we took about love and lust. True Love is something we could feel but we can’t explain and we always bring the love even if we are in the middle of nowhere, and also we can’t actually know that what we feel to a particular person is love. But if we talk about lust, it is something that you love that person because you found him or her so hot and so sexy. It seems that you love him or her not because you love him/her but because you have sexual desires.  And most of the time, the effect of lust is not good like the pre-marital sex that is the main root of abortion.
            Talking about sex, as we all know, sex is a basic need of human (it is actually categorized in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) and it should be taken seriously. It should be in a right time and in a right place. But as what we see for today’s generation, it seems that it is okay to have sex in a public places. Pornographic sites in the internet were tremendously arising together with the abuses that are caused by these things like child molestation and abortion. And these are all the effects of love that was made out of lust.
            But if a sex is made out of true love, for sure, the effects are good. It could be the main source of a happy family, a happy relationship and maybe a happy living. Because true love binds people together, it brings very special and unique stories that everyone wants to read. True love also create a beautiful lyrics that we hear every time we can hear a music and the most important is, true love can build unity, peace and harmony to each people and each country around the world. The effects of true love is really great while the effects of lust was really miserable, miserable to the people who just get into a world the full of sacrifices and hurt.
            Thus, true love will never give any problems to those people who engaged to it but if a love is made out of lust people will never find any happiness. For some reason, we can say that those people who love because of lust feel also the happiness but it was just a temporary. According to the question, isn’t still being a sin if a two people who gets into pre-marital sex, even if they love each other? Well, the answers are all up to you but the bottom line is that, whether you love each other, or your love is really a true love but you did it before in the eyes of the Lord, it will always be wrong. Love a particular person but do not give everything because you maybe wake up one day, the only thing that you keep and secured for a long time will simply gone. And do not hurry to love a person, you should distinguish first whether your feelings that you feel to that person is a true love or just a lust.


Dear Human,
            What’s wrong with you guys? I’m just peacefully standing here, I did not do anything but why you pissing me off? I’m here because I’m just been made to protect the family. Is it my fault to be standing here? You are much stoned-hearted than me well in fact I’m the one who made out of stone. And here’s another man, if he will not pissed on me, he will punch me or kick me! What’s your problem man?
            I know it is not easy to be a human but you don’t have also any idea on how to be like me. I want to go to the other place where I can live in harmony. I don’t have any family or friends the only thing that I have is the reason why I been created, and that is because of the house that I will supposedly be protect off. But how will I do that if you will continue pissing me off? Maybe sooner or later, I will be same with the other whom become dump and broken. I don’t want to be like that, I want to live longer! So please stop abusing me.
            Hopefully, all of you will realize on how to be like me, I want to be appreciated and called hero not to be a comfort room and punching bag. Hopefully, you will see my real purpose and please be my friend not my enemy. Hopefully!

The one begging you,