Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dear Students,
You know what; I’ve been too kind to all of you. Even though, you always blaming me why you get failed in your exams, I’m still willing to cooperate with your instructors. Is that my problem why you don’t get the exam? I’m just silently waiting for you I did not do anything but why you are crying? It seems that you want to tear me up. What should I do? Remember, I’m not the one who responsible to all of these questions. And if you look at it clearly, I’m just a victim here! I’m just your instructor’s instrument so that you can be a better person someday. Although, you hated me, you cannot do anything but to accept me and answer me. Whether you like it or not, you should and you must answer all the questions that were written to me.
            My dear students let me give you one important lesson that you must put in your mind so that, next time you will not blame me anymore. Study ahead of time, don’t be too lazy! Everything that was happening to you right now is your entire fault.
            Hopefully you will accept me already because my fault here is only I’m the one where you instructors put all the questions not the one who make your life miserable. Hopefully, you will love me and next time when we see each other again, instead of giving me a sad face you will already give me you sweet and smiling face, because I loved to see it.

`                                                                                                                       Yours truly,
Test Paper