Monday, December 12, 2011


Libya was a part of African Country
Wherein it was located in the northern part of Egyptian community
It was then a silent city
But we were shocked of what is the news today.

Libya was now destructed by angry individual
Who wants to be free from the old precedential?
Many citizens have wasted their lives
Because of these non sense political rites.

Do the people saw what they are doing?
They don’t know that many are suffering
Because of the selfishness and hungry of the power
Many had cried and many did not survive

Love is the only thing they need
In order for the country to be developed and succeed
People should think of what are the beneficial to others
And stop this foolishness and start to hug one another

Now, Libya are starting to collapsed
Hopefully, one day, war will now be stopped
So that, children in the future will not be afraid
In continue to live in a life that was full of hope and love.

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