Monday, December 5, 2011


Japan was in our history
Because of its power and nuclear factory
They have been the most advance country
Because of their equipment and intelligent society

Japan was famous of creating new gadgets
Like notebook, iPod, cell phone, and even the new tablet
But aside from the gadgets that they created
Their culture is also interesting, that’s why it is always promoted.

Japan was a beautiful country
They have beautiful ladies who have sexy body
Most of them are white and cutie
But the only problem is, they are always covered not even to see their bra and panty.

I’m just kidding on the previous paragraph
Just to make you smile, just like the power puff
But this time, I have to be serious
Because Japan is now suffering and that is not hilarious.

Let’s help them even without money
By our prayer, that hopefully they can recover someday
Because Japan was contributed a lot to our society
By its discoveries and gadgets that makes our life easy.

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