Friday, December 2, 2011


At first, she slaps my face
And then, she kicks my knees
Then next, she drags my arm
And kiss me warm

I push her away
Because my eyes are starting to gray
I can’t breathe! I told her
But she did not listen and continue what she’s doing

After she makes me free
I feel good and starting to feel glee
I talk to her with a full of kindness
But she responded me with full of sexiness and full of aggressiveness

I help her to find her cottage
Because she told me that she has something to say
I waited for almost fifteen minutes
But she did not show to me even a glimpse

I started to walk away
But she shouted me and she said that I will stay
I ask her what she want to me
She just told me that she needs somebody
She cried and cried at my shoulder
Then only I discover
She told me that she has a cancer
And she can’t tell her family because she is the bread winner

That’s why she decided to take her vacation alone
To have a peace of mind and to have a solemn vacation
I understand why she was drunk
And I understand why she was acts like a crank

After that night
I told her that she has a very good fight
A fight that she must face
Not just to her family but also to her self

I told her to stop crying
And start to open her mind to the new beginning
I wipe away the tears in her eyes
Then she smiles at me and told me that she will be okay.  

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