Sunday, December 4, 2011


By: Orlan Doromal Tabuada Jr.

He knows when I’m happy
And he knows when I’m lonely
He knows when I’m angry
And he knows when I’m naughty

He makes me feel happy
If he can see me so lonely
And he makes my day so naughty
If he can see me so angry

He never speaks to me when he knows I’m angry
And he never let me become naughty
If he knows that I’m lonely

He tried his best to bring out my happiness
Just to live the day with full of gladness
He never leave me into the mid of problems
And never treat me as one of his enemies

That’s why, now, I become so lonely
Because no one dares to make me happy
I missed the day that we are naughty
And missed his advice when I feel so angry

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