Friday, December 9, 2011

A letter from John

He was one of my best friends, his name was John, and he always makes me laugh and smile. I can’t forget him, every day in my life, I always think about him because, if not because of him, maybe right now, I can’t see and experience the beautiful side of life. He was one of my inspirations to continue my dreams, and he was then the reason why I become a successful man today. After that accident, I can still remember that he gave me a letter and that letter was from John. I read it again and this was the contained of his letter.

Dear best,
       From the moment that we became friend, you always make me strong by the things that you said and the promises that you promise to me. You know that I’m not that good in making a letter, but I really tried my best to do this.
We cannot deny the fact that I grow up in a world that was so mean to me. Remember that time when I saw you at the bridge? You ask me to help you, to find your home, but I did not help you because I can’t understand what you are saying. You were 7 years of age that time. I always laughing when you said that you will be die if you cannot see your mom and dad, and you always got mad if I did that. Remember those times when I always using you to get a food from the store of Mrs Rosario? She always wanted us to be in jailed but she can’t do it because of you. With your cute smile and cute face, no one in the village wants us to be thrown.
Since then, I choose you to stay with me. Until such time, I did not tell you that I already found your home. Even though I know that your mother was totally upset of what had happen, I still choose to shut my mouth. I know it was a sin, but I don’t want to be alone again and I don’t want you to leave me in this miserable life. Maybe I was that so desperate to make you stay and I was so selfish, but that is not my point. You make my day lovelier than it seems and you make my life so colourful. I hope you understand, I consider you now as my best friend and forever we will be best.
I think I have to end up my letter at this point, because i don’t want to remember all of the moment that we had because it only makes my tears fall. Always remember, pray before you sleep and before you eat for the Lord always blesses those person who always calling his name.
Thanks for the memorable moment, and now that you return to your original home, I hope your dreams will come true and thank you for the offer, I really can’t accept it because it was, for me, the only way to say sorry to you and to your family. Thanks for being with me for about 6 years, it was a great experience. Love your parents ok?
Always be there for you,

This was my favourite letter; I always read it before I will go to the office, now that I already 24 years old, I now understand him, why he keeps on telling me about life and about family. Before he dies on a car accident, because he was hit by a car, this word was never removed out of my mind. Before I sleep, it always coming back, the good memories, that’s why every time when I go to sleep, I can’t help to cry. He was then a very good friend, a very good best friend and no one can replace him in my heart and in my soul. He was my idol and the letter that is in my hand, was the letter from John.

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