Monday, December 5, 2011


        Before anything else, I want to greet you a very happy morning. I supposedly give this letter to you before we broke up. You know what, it has been a very sad week for me because I did not use to be alone. Have you remember the time when we still love each other? We used to laugh all the time. Honestly, I miss everything, your smile, your hugs and your kisses. I can’t get you out of my mind. I want to forget you because I want you to be happy but can you blame me if I can’t do it? You became a great part of my life. You know that you mean a lot to me. Your smile brings so much happiness to my heart and your angelic voice brings so much hope in my life, if not because of you I could not be the man that everybody knows about. You bring so much change in my life, the life that I was expecting to be a very boring and very unfair was all ignored because of you.  
        For almost one year of being your boyfriend, I was just thinking to be the best man that you can have. This is supposedly the 2nd Christmas that we will celebrate together. Did you still remember, during the misa de gallo, I always buy your favourite food, the cotton candy and popcorn? And I still remember when you eat, you always complaining to the cotton candy because according to you, it could only make your teeth brittle, but still you want to buy, that’s why you always scolded me if I will not buy your favourite food.
Despite of all the “word of wisdom” that you throw to me, I choose to love you, despite of the trials that we face, I choose to be strong because I love you and despite of the feedback that I heard from my friends, I choose to be with you because still, I love you.
        But now, that you became a part of others life, I always prays that you will receive the happiness that God want you to feel. And since that you’re most happy day is coming, I wishes you all the best and hopefully, you and my best friend will have a big and happy family. Don’t worry if time will come that I’ll be going to have my own wedding, I will not forget to invite you, and hopefully that time, I will ready to love someone else that is more than the love that I’ll show and give to you. Thank you for the special moment that you spent with me and thank you for the love that you showed to me.
        Good luck to your new life and new career, God blesses you!

Always loving you,

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