Friday, December 2, 2011


Once there was a teen-ager whose life was, shall we say, different from the others. He wants to have a peaceful and wonderful life with God. He was actually a very conservative person with a very unique personality. He love to read bible than to read those pornographic magazines and comics, he love to watch inspiring and religious movies than to watch adventure and action movies and lastly, he prefer to stay in the church than to stay with his friends. His name was Allie. A 17 year old guy who don’t want to be associated with those very naughty and wicked boys, for him, he want to serve and praise God in his entire life. That’s why, his parents were not surprised when he tell them that he want to be a priest, and they were expecting that he will be going to the seminary than to go to any prestigious university.
After his graduation, Allie went to his uncle who was also priest, he convince his uncle to let him be enrolled in one of the theologian school in Manila. Allie was very happy when he knew that his uncle grants his request but unknowingly, instead of sending him in Manila, his uncle decided to send him in Europe because his uncle was assigned in that place. Even before Allie knew that he will be send in one of the theologian school in Europe he was so happy and excited to meet new people who have the same interest and personality as to him.
          The day when Allie and his uncle went to Europe has finally arrived. Allie was so excited. When they finally landed in one of the airport in Europe, because of the excitement, Allie forgot to bring his bag in the airport and the important papers where placed there that’s why Allie decided to go back to the airport and find his bag. When he was actually in the escalator, Allie was get disrupted because she saw a woman that was wearing a mini skirt and from his position, he can see the underwear of the woman and it was t-back. Allie immediately picks his bag and then goes. Allie was shocked and because he can’t easily recover from his experience, he asks his uncle why women in this place are not conservative as to the women in the Philippines. His uncle laughs and explains everything then Allie tries his best to digest the information that his uncle was actually tells to him.
          After a week his uncle already sent Allie in the theologian school. Allie tries to imagined the place as well as the people living in that seminary, he think that the students were all kind, religious and silent type just like him but he was get disappointed because his expectation was not meet. The people who he thinks we’re all kind, religious and silent are the opposite, people there was actually wicked, naughty and nasty.
          One morning, when Allie already finish his prayers, he heard his roommate talking with each other, one of his roommate says “are you ready?”, then the other boy says “yes I’m ready, so let’s have sex?”. Allie was surprised and got curious because his two roommates which are actually having the same organ will have a sexual intercourse. Allie follows his two roommates, and then suddenly they stop at the CR. Allie feels so nervous and uneasy. He wants to look at his roommates what they are actually doing but sad to say, Allie was caught by his superior and calls him to discuss few things at his office. After the discussion with his superior, Allie went to his room to take a rest, and then he saw his two roommates. They were actually whispering to each other. Allie thinks that these two boys have really an intimate relationship.
          In the following morning, Allie was observing his two roommates after they take their breakfast, the two boys went again to the CR to have a sex. Allie was wondering if they really doing these nasty things, until one evening before everybody are requires to take a sleep, his roommate whispers to him and then he says “let’s have a sex session tomorrow”, because he really wants to know what these two boys was doing, he replied yes to his roommate and then they sleep.
          In the morning right after they take their breakfast, the two boys together with Allie went to the CR to start their session. Allie feels so awkward and uneasy he was just following his two roommates. The two boys blindfolded Allie, and then they ask him, “Are you ready?” Allie did not reply because he was feels so nervous, Allie was waiting for his roommate to do something but when his roommate gets the blindfold he was surprised of what he saw. He saw 10 boxes of chocolate and 10 boxes of candies. Then they start to eat all of their chocolates and candies but unknowingly there was one of the seminarians who happen to hears their voices inside the CR and it seems they are doing something sexual. Then that seminarian told their superior and then he surprised the three boys in the CR. “what are you doing?” the superior shouted them, then Allie reply him by saying “nothing sir, were just having a sex session here, how about you sir? Do you want to have sex with us?”

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