Wednesday, December 21, 2011

INEVITABLE (Suspense Short Story)

There was a college student in one of the university in United Kingdom who taking up psychology. In his thesis, he wants to know on whether there is really a third sex, or is there really a homosexual person. That’s why, he really find a way on how he could gather information about his topic, then on his way home, he saw a man standing in front of their house. Joshua (the name of the college student) was surprise, so he ask the man, “What are you doing here?” then the man turns his head and smiled “well, I’m looking for Joshua Saldic?”, “yeah, I’m Joshua Saldic, so what do you want from me?”. then Joshua open the door and let the man enter his house, then they continue talking “Do you have a blog?” the man ask, “Yeah! Why?”, “my boss, accidentally saw your blog, and he is interested about your thesis, and the reason why I’m here is to give you a financial support to pursue your thesis”, Joshua feels happy but at the same time worried because he even don’t know the man talking in front of him but since this is the thesis that Joshua really wants, he now then give the man the overview of his work and the budget of the said thesis, after a while, the man, calls his boss then give the money to Joshua,  before the man leaves, he told Joshua “If you need something,  or more feel free to call me, and by the way, here’s my calling card” then Joshua accept the calling card.
                To gather information about the said thesis, Joshua needs a people who will be his subject so, he call and ask the man, that he needs a real guy (what Joshua means is that, he really need a man not a gay) then after that, Joshua ask a house that his subject will be living with, because Joshua was planning to keep his subject close to him and record every possible behaviour that the guy will act during the whole process. After a week, then man calls Joshua that everything is set and he just wait for Joshua to visit the house and prepare everything. Then Joshua quickly visits the house and set everything like the cameras, the video tape, and many other things. After he finishes everything, the man calls Joshua again for him to be able to meet his subject, and since then he already met Kevin. Kevin is also a college student, and because Kevin also needs a financial support, he takes the invitation for him to have money for his tuition. Well, Kevin is handsome, and has a physically fit body, he is tall and very masculine, and so Joshua thinks that Kevin is a perfect subject. Then after the briefing of what will Kevin do inside the house, finally the test is already begun.
                On the first day of Kevin inside the house, he notices that everything was good, the foods are ready, and the beddings are ready and even the bathroom. Before Kevin enter the house, Joshua told him that there are camera in living room, kitchen, dining room and even to the bedroom but Joshua emphasize that the bathroom and some other place in the house that are considered as so private have no camera that’s why Kevin feels comfortable, and Joshua added that he’s the only one who will be seeing Kevin, so for Kevin there’s nothing to worry about.  One day after, Joshua record all the basic behaviour that Kevin shows inside the house, like sleeping, eating, exercising and watching television. On the second day, Joshua slowly noticed that Kevin already do something unusual like talking to himself and masturbating. Then on the third day, Joshua secretly hide the sex video in the living room for Kevin to watch, so when Kevin already wake up and eat his breakfast, he notices a box so as he opened it, he immediately gives a smile to the camera, because the content of that box are all pornographic videos, but Kevin did not know that, it was a gay sex video, so as Kevin watch it, he was surprise because he is not used to watch gay sex video but after sometime, he already learned to love it.
                Libido is now slowly taking over Kevin; he starts to feels aroused so what he did is that, he went to the bathroom and take some time to release his hot feeling.  Then Joshua wrote to his data sheet, “no one can stop libido, whether you’re a female or male or homosexual, as long as you can see people having sex you will be carried away”. and on the fourth day of the test, Kevin feels that there is something wrong, so he went in front of the camera and he told Joshua that he needs a person whom he can talk to, so Joshua immediately knock at the door and have some talking session to Kevin. Then Joshua found out that Kevin was now under the gender curiosity, so Joshua told Kevin that he is a man and he still love to get mingle with girls, then Joshua decided to leave. After the sixth day, Joshua was starting to get curious of the things that Kevin do inside the house, that’s why he decided to let Kevin be out of the test and since Joshua already gather information.
                Joshua’s next subject is a homosexual, or what they called as “gay”, the same process but this time, Joshua let Arthur (the gay’s name) to see a both female having sex, so even Arthur was a gay the libido still take over his mind and body, then he told Joshua, “I think from now on, I will already love to have sex with girls”, so Joshua’s theory about gender is finally clear. Then Joshua’s next subject is a lesbian, same process, but this time he let the lesbian to see a man to man sex, then the lesbian told Joshua that she now open to have a relationship with a guy. All of the first three subjects have the same length of days staying at the house but except from this last subject that Joshua pick, she’s really a girl, so sweet and so charming, that’s why Joshua feels in love with her, so Joshua takes the same process except from letting the woman watch a sex video. The woman stay for almost two weeks, then three day before Joshua let the woman be free, he notices that the woman is now doing some insane things like cutting his own hair, talking to the things inside the house and many other. And since Joshua was worried about the woman, he decided to enter the house comfort Louisa (the name of the woman). Joshua stay a night in the house and yes, they do sex. When the morning comes, Joshua was surprised because Louisa is about to cut his risk, so Joshua tried to stop her but Louisa run to the kitchen and when she came back, she already holding a knife and she wants to kill Joshua. Joshua tried to run to the bathroom but Louisa block the way, so Joshua decided to outside the room, then he hide from Louisa. “Joshua, Joshua, where are you?” said Louisa, Joshua was hiding at the cabinet that was place in the kitchen, Louisa are scratching the tiles and really wants to find and kill Joshua. Then suddenly, Joshua received a call, “help me!” Joshua whispered, “Joshua! You need to get Louisa out of that house, she’s insane!” then the door of the cabinet opened, “why you are hiding?!!” then Louisa stab Joshua but Joshua kick her then Louisa fell from the ground. Joshua run but he was beaten by Louisa then he fell, Joshua are trying to get out, he crawls and crawls then he finally reach the living room, he try to walk and open the door but he didn’t know that Louisa was on his back, so she stab him, luckily, Joshua hold Louisa and be able to get the knife, then Joshua stab Louisa on her chest that makes Louisa died.
                Then after a week, Joshua finally presents his study and people where really impressed to his work, they are all clapping and give Joshua a standing ovation, so Joshua feels so happy and he look every people in that hall, but he noticed that there is a man standing in the corner of the hall and seems that he don’t like the work of Joshua. So after his defend, Joshua tries to meet that man but unluckily, he was already gone,  Joshua still remember the wardrobe of the man, she was wearing a black pants, and black jacket, he was trying to hide his face. But since there are many people want to congratulate him, Joshua ignored the man. Then after a while, Joshua heard his phone ringing so he got the call, “hello this is Joshua”, “why you killed her?!!” , Joshua was surprise “who is this?”, “it doesn’t matter on who is the hell talking to you, what I’m concerned is, why you killed her?!” “it was an accident, I don’t want to kill her but. . .” “But what?” “but . . .it is inevitable,” “huh? Inevitable? Are you kidding? She could not be killed if you didn’t killed her!”, then Joshua off his phone. Joshua feels so nervous and worried, but he try to conquer it and try to give a smile to those people who congratulates him. And on his way home, it was 7:00 o’clock in the evening, Joshua hears that there is someone following him, so he run and he walk very fast, after he reach his house, he immediately lock the door, then he look at check if there is really a man who wants to kill him, then he was surprise because the man is standing in front of his door while holding the knife that he used to kill Louisa then he slowly step back, when he turn his head. . .”AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

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