Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Love You because I Kissed You

Before I enter the room, I hear boys laughing, I don’t know what they are doing but one thing for sure they’re really having fun. I slowly open the door and then I found out that they are making bully of one of my classmate. I save her and I decided to bring her to the one of my favourite place in our school. I saw her smile and I realized that she’s cute but that time I have a girlfriend that I loved very much. I ask her why they are doing that to her, then she replied to me “because of my appearance, I guess” in my mind I said “obviously” but I choose to say good things about her. I know that she’s beautiful If only she has a friend who could help her to change her appearance. She was actually wearing a big eye glass with colourful dress then flat shoes. When you look at her, she really looks like a Christmas tree girl but I did not tell it to her because I’m afraid that I can hurt her feelings.
          Two years later, me and my girlfriend are getting stronger everyday because I know in myself that I love her, but one day when I was buying at the mall I saw my girlfriend with the other guy. I don’t know what will I do, should I talk to her and ask her who’s that man? Or I will just ignore it, maybe that was just her brother or one of her friend but I think it’s not, they are holding their hands and they are so sweet.  I call my bestfriend what should I do, then she advices me to look for my girlfriend and follow them wherever they will go with that guy.
          As I following them, they enter in the movie theatre and I still follow them. Because the place was really dark I really can’t see them and I just decided to sit and watch for the movie for a while, it was a romantic movie, suddenly, I get irritated with the two people sitting beside me, when I  look at them, I catch them kissing. I ask them two stop what they are doing, when the girl turns her head to me, I was shock!  that was my girlfriend! I immediately stand and went outside; I ran to my car and decided to leave the place. I went to my favourite place and I shout and shout. After sometime, there was a girl who stands beside me and she told me “are you okay?”  I did not reply to her because in the first place I don’t know that girl. I walk and the girl shouts “thank you!” my feet immediately stops, I turn my head and I ask her “for what?” then she ran after me then she told me “for giving me my confidence, and for giving me the hope that I could find a man that will truly love me” by then, I recognized her smile “it was you! How are you?” “I’m doing great! How about you?” then we talk for about 15 minutes, and then I decided to go.
          After that day, I decided to move to other place so that I could get easily recover from the pain, I move to the house of my brother, and after three days, I found out that one of our neighbour is the cute girl that I save in our school. We became friends, and we used to do fishing and biking. After a month, I and my ex-girlfriend are starting to build our relationship again, and I decided to go back to my place. Fifteen minutes before I leave, I go to the house of my friend, Jenny (the cute girl that I save and the girl whom I became bestfriend) to say goodbye to her, when I knock at their door, nobody answering me, since the door is open, I enter the house and look for Jenny, when I was at her room I saw a notebook and I read the message that she wrote for me and this was the message “I even give up my work just to follow you wherever you will go because I want to see you every day, this house, it’s not my house nor my parents’ house, I just rent this house so that I could see you always. I thought, you already forget that girl because she hurt your feelings, I know from the very beginning that she was cheated on you I just decided to say nothing against her because I know that you still love her. I sacrifice my own happiness, you don’t know how hard for me to talk to you and laugh with you that seem nothing feelings involve. When you told me that you want me to be your bestfriend, I said yes, even though I want more than your friend, I want to be you girl, I want to love you and I want that you love me too but I guess it will not be happening. Now, that you will go back to her, there’s nothing that I could do, because I know that you really love her but me? You never did! I’m sorry if I did not say this to you personally, but I love you Orl, I really did, please be happy always and be safe always. Hope you will be happy with her, thank you and take care. I have to say goodbye to you”.
          Tears fall from my eyes and I search for her, then I saw her in our favourite place. When I’m about to reach her, she ask me when will I’ll be going to go back in my house. I did not answer her, she stand and turns her head then she cry “you already read that? I guess I don’t have something to say, be happy and take good care, best” then she walks. I stop her and kiss her “why you don’t tell me, all I know is that, you have a boyfriend” then she chuckle “I just make a story so that you will not be bother anymore”. “Bother? You don’t know how I want to kiss you and hug you; you don’t know how hard to keep these feelings that I feel for you. You don’t know how hard for me to say that I want you to be my bestfriend well in fact, the truth is, I want you to be my girl” then she slap me, “liar! Me? You want me to be your girl? How about your girlfriend? How about Ivy?” then silence came, after a minute “I thought, I still love her, but I was wrong, so wrong, after I read your letter, I realized that I love you also” she looks at me then she cried, I try to comfort her but she push me away, then she looks at me again with that killer smile, I hug her and she ask me “do you really love me?”. I did not reply to her but instead I kiss her and I ask her “do you think, I will be doing all of this like kissing you, if I don’t love you?” then she smile at me.

***THE END***

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