Monday, December 5, 2011

I Love You Babe


   I was sitting beside her. She was crying. She holds my hand tightly and said “I want to die”, but I told her to be strong. She looks at me and touches my face then she starts to narrate her love story.
            Her name was Julianne. She was then a first year college student in Central Mindanao University where she met this bad guy. She hates the guy but because of some incidence that happens to them she now understands why the guy behaves like that. Actually, the guy grow up in a family that for him, he can never be like. His father was a businessman as well as his mother. He can’t find any reason why he should stay at their house. That’s why, he decided to be independent. Julianne was shocked about his life. But now, that she knows it already she let herself to become a friend of that guy, the first girl friend that the guy have ever had when he start schooling at college.
             A few months later, the guy courted Julianne. Julianne was surprised. But, because she also has a feeling to the guy, she accepts the proposal. Her friends hate her. She ignores everything that her friends told about his boyfriend because of her love, until her friends already accept the guy. Their relationship grew stronger as the day passed by. Until they celebrate their fourth anniversary, it was happen on March 17. Julianne was so happy and so with Robert (the name of the guy). Before they went home, Robert says these words to Julianne, “Babe, you changed my life, you make me happy every day, and because of you, I realize that, I should now accept and love my family. Thank you because you open my eyes and heart to love you as well as to love my family. You mean a lot to me. And, you are my everything babe. I Love You “. Julianne was speechless, and the only thing that she does was to hug Robert and cry to Robert’s shoulder. Robert kisses Julianne. Then they went home.

  After the graduation, Julianne immediately find a job. She was then a secretary in a multi-national company. Even if Julianne and Robert were far from each other, the two lovers still find a way to communicate and to have a date, at least once a month. Every morning, Robert calls Julianne just to say Good Morning and Have a nice day,then in the evening just to say Good night and I love you. Julianne was already use to it.
            Julianne works in Davao while Robert stays in Bukidnon. Although this is the kind of relationship that they have, but still Robert finds a way just to see Julianne. Until such time, when Robert did not shown up to Julianne anymore, but still Robert always calling her. Julianne wondered why but she just thinks that Robert was busy. It was October when Julianne decided to take a vacation and visit Robert. Julianne was surprised of what she saw. She saw a coffin, inside the house of Robert. Julianne paused for a while and then think. Then she said, “Maybe it is just the grandfather of Robert”. Julianne thinks positively. Before she reached the door, she saw me. Standing right before her, she asks me about Robert, if Robert was o.k or what are the things that Robert do. But I did not respond to her. I did not say any word. I look at her then suddenly my tears fall from my eyes. I hugged her and the only word that I utter was “sorry”. She looks again at the coffin, I can feel her heart, and it is beating so fast, after a while, she walk slowly to see who was in the coffin. I can see her hands, its shaking and so with her feet and body. When she was at the door, she ran quickly to know who was really lying at that coffin. Then she saw Robert, her one and only babe. She open the coffin and hugged the dead and cold body of Robert, she cried and cried. The atmosphere that time was so humid, but the air that touches my skin was so cold. I can’t explain my feelings it seems that my heart wants to explode. But even though that was the situation, still, I get Julianne and try to comfort her. Then we sit at the corner, and she tells me everything about their past moments.

  At the burial, Mrs. Bernabe, the mother of Robert, tells everything to Julianne and she said, “my son suffered a lot from the cancer, he always calling your name, he wanted to see you but he knows that it could never be happen because of his situation”, his mother paused for a while to take a deep breath, then she continued, “my son really fight the cancer because he wanted to grow old with you, it was almost two months of suffering, the time that he never showed up to you. The voice that you hear every morning and evening was really his voice but it was only a recorded voice.” Then she added, “he told me to give this voice recorder to you, here, take this, this is the last record he made”, then Mrs. Bernabe cried. Julianne take the voice recorder and she played it. But the only word that she hears in that recorder was, “I Love You Babe”. 

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