Friday, December 2, 2011

I Just Want you to be Happy

By: Orlan Doromal Tabuada Jr.

It was 18th day of November, when I saw her. She was totally naughty and rebellious. I loved watching her, although I know to myself,  that I will not like her because of her attitude but I don’t know what happen why I can’t get her out of my mind.
I supposed to pass that way, but accidentally I slipped right to her, and luckily I kissed her.  I saw her brown eyes and her lips, it is really like a lips of a baby.  Soft and delicious. I supposed to smile at her but I was hit by her finger. I tried to say sorry but she refused to accept it. She cried right to my face and she said “you idiot!, why you kissed me? Do you want me to kill you?”.  I was shocked and didn’t say any word. I hurriedly get my bag and run.
One morning, I saw her again. She was wearing a white whole dress. And it is so annoying for me to see her wearing that kind of dress.  My lips began to open and start laughing; unknowingly, she went to me and hit me again. I was shocked for the second time around. It hurts, but this time, she does it gentler than the first. I began to admire her when I saw her giving candies and foods to the street children. That was the first time I saw her smiling. That makes me realize that I shouldn’t judge her the first time I saw her. I supposed to leave to that place when somebody called my name. And it was, Richard, the closest friend I ever had to our village. To my surprise, Richard who is my true friend is the boyfriend of the girl I really admire.  I came to Richard to give him a straight punch. “ouch!” Richard said. I was just laughing at him. Then after sometime, that girl came by. I don’t know, but my body was shaking and my heart began to explode. I smiled at her, but in the third time she hit me again. Richard was shocked but me?  I already used to that, I asked her why but she was just staring at me like a horrible criminal. But because of Richard I did not asked her that much.
A month later, Richard was requested by his parents to visit their farm at Bukidnon. And Richard as the only child should say yes to the request of his parents. But before he went to Bukidnon, he asked me to take good care of his girlfriend. And because he is my friend, I did not refuse to his request.
It was 3rd day of January when Richard’s flight to Bukidnon. Me and July (his girlfriend), accompanied him to the airport. Richard kissed her and say goodbye. When Richard hugged her, there is a strange feeling I felt. I know it is not for Richard, it is for July. I can’t afford watching her crying it seems that my heart is also crying. I don’t know, but I think, this time, I already fell in love with her.  I know it is wrong but I can’t help myself falling in love with her.
As the day goes by, I and July is starting to become a friend, until such time I already gained enough strength and courage to court her. She was surprised. I thought she will not accept me but to my surprised she says yes to me even though we know it is wrong because she still have a boyfriend, but still, we continue. Until such time Richard went back. We kept our mouth shut. Richard was innocent about the things happened for the past 3 months. We decided to keep our relationship as a big secret and don’t want to tell it to Richard. At first, I think its o.k but when I saw them kissing, It makes me realize that I can’t go on with this kind of relationship. I find time to talk with her, and to ask about our relationship. She just told me that she can’t find any ways to break him up. I let her choose between the two of us, and then she chooses me. I did not expect it. That time, I wanted to give up on her but she forced me to hold on. But because I really loved her I choose to stay.
Another one month. But this time I can’t continue the kind of relationship we have. I asked her again. But still she chooses me. I asked her, why me?. Then she just replied me this statement “I don’t know, but for now, all I know is that, I love you”. After she says that, my tears began to fall. I turned my head and began to walk. She caught me and hugged me tight. She was crying and begging to wait but I already made up my mind and I told her “I want to be with you forever, but we both know, we entered a wrong relationship and I can’t afford hurting someone, most especially my friend. I love you and you know that but this time. I just want you and my friend to be happy. I’m sorry but I think I should set you free”. She let me go.
After that incident, I heard news coming from our neighbour. “There was a girl hanging in the big tree!” The news spread very fast. At first, I did not mind it, but when I heard the police that the name of the girl was July. I run quickly to the place where the big tree located. And when I reached there, my body seems to collapse and my knee becomes weak. It was her, July, the girl whom I truly loved. She was already gone. I hugged her tight and kissed her head, I began to cry. It seems that my world was gone. I want to go with her. I regret why I did not fight our relationship. But it is too late. She’s gone. My life was gone. I don’t want to see the world, I want her! I want her!
 At the burial, Richard gives me the letter that July gave to him before we talk, and she said to the letter “I’m sorry Richard; you know that I love you but I love John more than you. I’m sorry; I want you to set me free”. After I read it her mother came by and told me, “my daughter doesn’t want any except, you, she want to marry you and she really loves you”. Her mother hugged me tight and cry to my shoulder.

THE END. . .

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