Sunday, December 4, 2011


By: Orlan Doromal Tabuada Jr.

It was summer when my bestfriend Lara had celebrated her wedding. Everything was perfect. Everyone was excited to see the groom and the bride, even me I was so excited. After a while, the wedding ceremony was started and the people who want to witness the wedding are all smiling much more with the groom. But when I saw Lara, she was crying maybe because she was so happy. Until she reaches the altar, but Lara is still crying. The priest start the ceremony, then for quiet sometime, the most awaited part had arrived and that is to take their vows to each other. But surprisingly, Lara did not take her vow, she cried and say sorry to the groom then she ran. Everyone was in shocked and everyone was trying to react with the situation.  When I looked at the altar I was surprised of what I saw. I saw her ex-boyfriend. Oliver. The one who was standing in front of them, and the one who are residing the ceremony, he is no other than the priest. I was really in shocked when I saw him, he was her first boyfriend who really makes her heart broken and that man was responsible also why Lara wants to marry Benjamin. I was thinking that would be the last day that they will meet each other but I was wrong. Now that she already saw Oliver, for sure Lara will be at lost again.
            Before this traumatic event happened, Lara and Oliver was then a childhood sweetheart. Lara was actually lived in her aunt’s house at Manila then Oliver that time was living in his brother’s house. When they finished studying highschool, Lara’s parents decided to send her in London to pursue her college degree and because of that Lara and Oliver had been separated from each other. When they both in second year college, Lara decided to go back to the Philippines to take a vacation, a vacation that take her for so many years, then she decided to continue her education in Manila.
            A month later, Lara received a letter came from Oliver, Lara wondered what the letter was all about and when she opened it she cannot found any message she search for Oliver to ask what he wants to tell her. But she can’t found Oliver she did not know, Oliver was preparing a special dinner to my house. I was then Lara’s bestfriend for so many years. Everything was in place, but Lara that time is still searching for Oliver then when I saw her coming, I warned Oliver to be ready. After a while, Lara presses the doorbell, Oliver and I was so nervous. Then I opened the door. I pretend that I did not know where Oliver was then I let her to get inside. Suddenly, the lights turned off and I bring Lara to the garden where Oliver prepares the dinner. It’s so romantic, the garden was full of red balloon and the table was covered by red table cloth with candle light.
            Next morning, when I was busy surfing to the internet, Lara calls me and I can feel that she was so happy and inspired. Then she shared what happened to them last night as if I was not there, she told me that Oliver was already her boyfriend. I was so happy for them. And that was the start of their love story.
            Their relationship lasts for two years, as I can see them, they are already contended and happy with each other since that was their first time to have special someone.
            That was June when Oliver’s parents decided to sent Oliver back to their home. Lara cannot do anything. Then she let Oliver to go back. Months had passed when Oliver did not show to Lara anymore; they have no communication at all.
            Lara starts to become depressed she can’t believe that Oliver did not try to call or text her. Then Lara starts to hate Oliver. She hates Oliver so much. Then she decided to go back to London to find any job. The day that Lara went back to London was the day that Oliver went back to Manila, and then Oliver explains why he can’t contact Lara. Because their place was located at the most remote area and there were neither signal nor internet.
            Oliver waited for Lara for quiet sometime. He’s been tried to contact Lara but Lara always ignore his calls. Oliver decided to pursue his second dream and that is to become a priest. Before he went to the seminary, Oliver leaves a message to the email of Lara and he explains everything. Oliver waited for five days if Lara will reply, but sad to say she didn’t. While in London, Lara did not find any time to look for her email because she was so busy for her work. After a day, Lara had tried to check her email and then she read Oliver’s message. She cried because she still love Oliver, then she calls Oliver to say sorry but it was too late for her because Oliver was already in the seminary.
            After 5 years, Lara went back to the Philippines to visit her family as well as Oliver. She was hoping that when she went back Oliver will still be there to be her boyfriend. But she knows it will never be that way. When she arrived at her house she remembers her moment with Oliver then her tears fall from her eyes. She knew to herself that she really love Oliver. Until that time she was still hoping that she will see Oliver. Although she knows that it will be impossible. While inside in the seminary, Oliver was not totally happy because he always thinking for Lara there were no day for him to be happy because of Lara. Until such time, he was ready to become a priest.
            After a year, Oliver received a message that there will be a wedding that will be held to Manila Cathedral. Oliver was not supposedly being the one to take charge to that wedding but because he was the only priest that was available he was asked to be the one to replace the priest who in-charge to that wedding. When he was driving he saw his picture with Lara, then he remember Lara. Tears fall from his eyes.
            When the wedding starts, Oliver start to cry because he know that the bride was the only girl he love and that was Lara. He wants to quit but he can’t do it because it was his responsibility as a priest. Oliver tried his best to finish the wedding but he was shocked when Lara quit. He ran after Lara. After he found Lara they find each other to talk about his past relationship. Until they get to the tough decision that they should both agree, on whether they will continue and leave their present situation or to stop everything so that everything will be in place. Oliver decided to stop their relationship because he doesn’t want to have any complications in their present lives. Lara asks him if he still loves her, Oliver did not answer. He looks at Lara then tears fall from their eyes, Oliver smile to Lara and he said “I love you”. Then he kissed Lara. Then after he does it, he left Lara alone.
            After one week, Oliver asks permission to quit for being a priest because he wants to be with Lara. When he was in the outside world, he was excited to see Lara but when he arrived at Lara’s house he was surprised of what he saw.
            He saw Lara with Benjamin, they were happy. Oliver cried and he asks me what happened. Then I told him, “That day when you left Lara alone, she want to tell you that she was already pregnant, one month. But if you ask me why she cried, the answer is, she still loves you but she can’t be with you anymore because she will have now a future baby and she can’t say I do to you anymore.”


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