Friday, December 2, 2011


By: Orlan Doromal Tabuada Jr.

Before, we are a happy family
But it was all lost, because of the tsunami
I thought it was just a small tragedy
But I was wrong, because it almost killed half of the community

During the earthquake and tsunami
I tried my best to keep my family in safety
I even sacrifice my own life
Just to protect them to make them survive

I ran to the kitchen to get my wife’s medicine
But I make sure that they are secured where I put them
But when I was about to go out
Our ceiling was collapsed and totally breaks out

Fortunately, I survive from the tsunami event
But sad to say, my family didn’t
I scream just to call their names
But no one answered me except from my fellow friends

After two days, I decided to find them again
I never let my hope to be erased until the end
Eventhough, many people would say “they are gone”
But I don’t want to quit, maybe I could find even one.
Then suddenly I saw a child
It reminds me of my family, hoping them to be alive
But what will I do if I saw them died?
Maybe I just sit down and cry for their lost live.

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