Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Cold Christmas

I was dreaming of a white snow
Together with a cold blow
It was really a very beautiful night
With the stars the was really bright

I was thinking if Santa was really true
And waiting for him while it was raining a white snow
Maybe before the Christmas will finally come
I could see Santa bringing the gifts for everyone

It was 11:00 in the evening
But still, I couldn’t find Santa everywhere
Maybe he just wants me to be surprise
And be happy with the gift that I really desired

Christmas Eve is already here
I can hear choir singing and the bells that ringing
Maybe Santa will finally give me the gift
Or maybe he forgotten me because I’m a theft

Suddenly, I hear a voice laughing
I’m sure that Santa’s coming
I open my eyes and it was really true
That Santa is hear and he will carry me over with this cold snow

I was really happy when he carries me
But why is it I can see my body
And I ask Santa if I’m already dead
Then he answer me with full of sadness

I hen I hug him and say thank you to him
Because finally I already done with the life that I really suffer
Because I was then a poor boy sleeping in the street
And wishing that someday this will be the last cold Christmas that I feltL0

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