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I hope you are all good in solving crimes, now, let me measure how smart you are. In this brain challenge, I want you to solve the crime, and find the killer. If you do that, then you are good but if not, just try it again. This time I will not put the answers, it’s for you to find out who is the killer. Hope you like it. .

                In a house, there are 8 active people who interact with each other every day. One Sunday afternoon, the husband was murdered, as the police arrived at the house, they immediately do some investigation and they start to ask the remaining member of the family for further information about the crime, and this was they’re alibis.
Wife: I was at the kitchen, preparing for the snack.
Grandfather: I was at the garden, playing with my grandson.
Driver: I was at the post office to mail some letter.
Maid: I was at my room, looking for my money.
Grandmother: I was placing my clothes in the closet
Daughter: I was taking a bath.
After hearing all of their alibis, the police caught the killer. So, who’s the killer?

                A man was found dead inside of the elevator. Before the incident happened, there are 6 people have accompanied him in the elevator. Immediately, the management call the cops to investigate the incident. Then during the investigation, one of the cops saw a ball pen beside the dead body, then the cop ask the witness who were the people in the elevator that time and these were the names;
Cathy – marketing manager’s secretary
John- messenger
Bert- janitor
Felix – employee
Mary – employee
Rose – elevator girl
Upon knowing these names, the cops immediately caught the killer. So, who’s the killer?

                First day of school, there was a crime at the library, a student was killed using poisonous water inside the librarian room, and there was an investigation, Science teacher, English teacher, math teacher, guard and the janitor.
Science teacher – I was at the laboratory for experiment.
English teacher – I have a meeting that time.
Math teacher – I was doing a card for the final grade.
Guard – I was sleeping
Janitor – I was in the garden.
QUESTION: who is the killer?

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