Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Blank Tape

Excited and Happy, this was the emotion that Bryan felt when he knew that he,  together with his family, will be attending the birthday party of one of his cousin. The party will be on Sunday but Bryan and his family went to the house of his cousin one day before the party, that’s why his cousins were very happy to see Bryan.

       One Saturday afternoon, Bryan and his cousins went to their favourite place to play and to pick some small stones. Because of tiredness, they decided to go back to the house and to take a rest. While they were walking, Bryan remembered something, “hey guys! Do you still remember the blank cassette tape that we hide long time ago? “Yes!” his cousins replied. “Hmmn, I have an idea, what if we will use that cassette tape and record the sounds that the cassette recorder will hear while we are all sleeps? What do you think?” then his cousins agree with him.
       8 o’clock in the evening, when everyone is busy preparing for the foods, Bryan and his cousins were busy also looking for the blank cassette tape, since it’s been 4 months ago since they hid that tape, they find it too difficult to look for that tape, so they ask help to one of their uncle. One hour later, Bryan’s aunt, called already their names to have their dinner, and because it is already a tradition to them that whenever they have their dinner, someone, among the group should lead for the prayer. And fortunately, it’s Bryan turn.
       After the dinner, Bryan and his cousins continued to look for the blank cassette tape, and finally, Bryan already found the tape. So, they clean it and they borrowed the cassette recorder to their aunt. Before they sleep, because it’s been a long time for them to see each other again, Bryan and his five cousins were still chatting and sharing their experiences while they are away from each other. “It’s already 12 in the midnight, I think we should take our rest because we will be busy helping our parents for the birthday party tomorrow” said Jasmine, one of the cousin of Bryan. “Yeah, you’re right” Bryan replied. Before they sleep, Bryan almost forgot to put the tape in the cassette recorder and he press the play and record button, then he sleep.
       After 3 hours, Bryan hears a sounds “tick!” that’s why Bryan open his eyes, then he remembered that he put the blank cassette tape in the cassette recorder , so he went back to sleep. Upon closing his eyes, he saw a big shadow at the corner of the room, but because he was really tired he didn’t mind the shadow and continue to sleep. Six o’clock in the morning, when Bryan was disturbed by a noise coming outside the room, while he was already awaked, he make some loud noise to wake his cousins. After a few minutes, Bryan and his cousins went outside the room. “Hey! Come on! Let’s have some exercise; all of your parents were in the plaza to jog”. So, they decided to leave the house and joined their parents in the plaza. Everyone was very enjoyed, it takes for one and a half hour to complete the set-up exercise, so they went back in the house 7:30 am.
       But because it was already Sunday, everyone was busy preparing for the foods that they will eat and busy also to prepare for the games. Because they’re all enjoying, they forgot to listen from the tape. Before lunch time, Bryan accidentally went to the room to take his cell phone, but when he went inside the room, he felt something strange in the cassette tape, he hears that sounds again, when he about to look for it, he was shocked because the cassette were played by itself. Bryan, feels so scared, he immediately went outside the room and pretends that nothing happens to him.
       Evening comes, when the party is over, Bryan and his cousins decided to go to the room and played the guitar to have some jamming session. While everyone was enjoying, Bryan can’t help to feel scared, he just look at the cassette recorder and seems that he was just alone in that creepy room. “Hey! What’s wrong?” asked his one cousin “no, not, nothing” Bryan replied, “why is it that you are busy staring the cassette tape?” ask again his cousin, Bryan did not replied. Then one of his cousins takes the cassette recorder and played the blank tape. Everyone was so silent, no voice, no noise. They concentrated to listen from the tape, no sounds coming from the tape, then suddenly, they hears a creepy laugh, “wahahaha!” it sounds a laugh of a demon, then they hear a Latin words, but because they can’t understand what does the man was saying, Bryan immediately get the tape and throw it outside the window. Everyone was shocked and scared, and then they decided to stay outside the room for a while then back to their room as soon as they are already not scared. Bryan suggested staying at other room but unfortunately, the rooms were already occupied and that room was the only room that they can use.
       After an hour, the six people went back to the room and prayed that God will protect them from any demons and evils spirits roaming around in that room. While everyone was taking their prayers, Bryan accidentally open his eyes and he looks at the window, the only thing that he could see outside is the darkness, but after a few second, Bryan saw a red eyes outside the window and it seems the eyes was staring at them. Bryan closed his eyes and try to open it again, hoping that the red eyes will be lost, but unfortunately it’s still there. Bryan feels so scared then he tries to concentrate again to pray. After the prayer, Bryan went outside the room and asks one of his cousins to go with him at the comfort room. While he was pissing, his cousin asks him “have you seen the creepy red eyes outside the window?” Bryan was shocked and immediately finished pissing. “Yeah! Why? You’ve seen that also?” Bryan replied with a scared voice, “yes, and he was actually looking at you!” Bryan stare at his cousin while he told that things to him, and he was bothered because he knew that it’s not the voice of his cousin. Then Bryan told his cousin to go back to the room, but his cousin told him that he will just stay at the kitchen to get some water, and then Bryan went to the room. While Bryan taking the stairs, he was surprised when he saw his cousin sitting outside the room while talking at his phone, questions starts to bothered Bryan, he said to his self “what does this man doing here, he just ask permission to me a while ago that he will get some water” then he’s heat starts to pump very fast. He doesn’t know what is really going on. After his cousin finished calling, he ask him “have you accompanied me in the comfort room?” his cousin replied “yes, but my girlfriend calls me that’s why I forgot to ask permission to you that I will go back here, sorry”, then Bryan starts to freak out, but he pretends that his okay.
       Its time to sleep again, while everyone was already sleeping, Bryan still can’t get over of what happened to him at the comfort room, after a few minutes, someone knock at the door, then Bryan opened it, but no one outside the room, then he closed the door. Surprisingly, he saw that shadow again, but this time, its starts to become real, the shadow, become a big man with red eyes and it has a two horns at his head, “it’s Satan!” Bryan told to himself, when he about to escape, Satan, hold him tight and he grab Bryan then he carried him downstairs and put Bryan in the sofa. Then Satan starts to talk to him, but because Satan was talking in Latin, Bryan didn’t understand even a single word but Bryan didn’t forget his creepy laugh. Then suddenly, Bryan wakes up and to his surprise, he was already in the sofa were Satan puts him.
       Morning comes and Bryan gets the tape outside the window, then he played it again, and he found out that, in his dream, the exact words that Satan told him, was the exact words that Bryan hears in the blank cassette tape. But this time, Bryan get the tape and he destroyed it and throw it in a place that no one would ever hear that creepy laugh again. The party that supposedly celebrated happily turns out to be the scariest, creepy and spooky party that Bryan attended for almost 18 years of existence in this world.  

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