Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Every time you look at me
You always showed that smile to me
I tried my best to respond to it
But I don’t know what happen why I can’t do it.

You always call my name when I’m away
Through calls and text or even to your simplest way
You always make me smile every day
And I did not notice I fallen for you every single day

One day I tell my feelings to you
And you told me that you love me too
I was so happy when I heard that word from you
But I ask myself if that is true?

I wonder why you said that word to me
Well, in fact, it was just a part of your cruelty
I admit that I was hurt
But what can I do if I really meant.

Now that we’re about to end
I want to tell you one important thing
I never regret what I’ve done
Because I believe that my experience has just begun. 

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