Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Short Story:
By: Orlan Tabuada Jr.

  Once there was a man who love his wife very much, after four happy years, his wife die due to cancer in her ovary. During the burial, he saw a beautiful woman looking at him, but because it was his wife's burial, he just ignore the woman.
  One week after, he saw again the woman standing in front of his wife grave, he was shocked because the woman was actually crying, after sometime, he got nearer to the woman and ask her "do you know my wife?", the woman turn her head and said "yes! she was my bestfriend", "BESTFRIEND?", the man ask surprisingly, then the woman get her sunglasses and said "yes, my bestfriend, the one whose responsible of lossing you to me", then silence comes to the scene "Ella? Is that you? All I know is that, you walked away from me because you don't love me anymore". Then Ella hugged the man and she said "NO, the reason why I went to Canada was because, she asks me to do so, because that time, we already knew that she has a cancer and because she's my bestfriend, I have to let you go, and I let my heart died for almost 4 years and now that she's already gone, I feel so happy because I know from myself that I make her happy for almost 4 years". Then the man didn't reply and then he just walked away.
   After one year, Ella receives a mail and says "the day that you walked away from me, I was really hurt and I felt so down, my heart was really breaks into pieces but now that you came back, I'm willing to make my heart breaks again because I know that there will be someone who will help me to make that heart whole again and I believe that the right person is, you". Then tears fall from her eyes, then

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