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Question: What if you're inlove with your Bestfriend? What Will You Do?

     It is inevitable for a woman to be easily fall in love with her bestfriend (boy), Why? it's because woman are very much closed to her bestfriend, because for her, she feels so secured and comfortable with her bestfriend that makes her fall in love with her bestfriend. Same with the man, actually, if the man don't have any girlfriend, but he has a girl bestfriend, he is already contented with her, and he is now satisfy with his bestfriend. And because of this, the two people find it easy to fall inlove with each other.
    I'm sure, the things that comes to you mind if you're inlove with your bestfriend, is the possibility that you will lost your friendship, well, that is certainly true, but have you think of the possibility that there is a chance that your friendship will never be gone forever, if ever that your relationship really works. There are two factors that walking into your brain when you are trying to think of what will be the result if you will have a special relationship to your bestfriend.
    Honestly speaking, there is a greater risk if you will have an intimate relationship with your bestfriend, but for sure you will feel so happy. If you try to balance the situation, what will you choose? Will you let your feelings be hid forever but you are not happy although you keep your friendship or will you sacrifice your friendship and feel the joy the you never felt through out your life?.
    To answer the question; What will you do if happened you're inlove with your bestfriend, the answer is can be summarize in one word, and that is "TRY", yes, you have to try, try to be the most girlfriend/boyfriend to him/her, try to take the risk and try to breaks those negative points in your mind,  in short, you should try to be a special someone to him/her, be his/her lover, don't worry, if happened that your relationship will not work, you are less assured that you both really have a feelings to each other.
   In this situation, you, and it will always be you that knows the best, but I tell you, there'll be no problem if you will try. Who knows he/she is just waiting for you to say "I Love You" and expect that he/she will reply "I Love You Too" and if this will happened, well, congratulations to you, and make sure that you will love him/her purely and honestly because everything starts in these two words.


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